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[GUIDE] Keyboard replacement instructions

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Hey all,

Just sharing this cause it was helpful to me. But if in the event you need to replace your keyboard (thank you FXtec for sending a replacement) such as I had the arrow key worn down (we will blame one game on that). The key thing is the keyboard is on as an adhesive.

Things you need:

  • Electrical Prying Device (Possibly Exacto Knife)
  • Double sided adhesive (I used some left over ones from cases that came with it but 3M adhesives are options too)


Keyboard Removal

  1. Turn the device off.
  2. Optional: remove the display and the hinge it is on, this is probably easier but not the path that I took
  3. Remove the corner screw covers.20210430_102443.jpg
  4. Use the new angle with the removed covers to gain leverage to elevate the keyboard20210430_102508.jpg
  5. Elevate the keyboard along the long stretch along the space bar to the end.
  6. Slowly further elevate you will feel resistance from the existing adhesive.
  7. At some point if possible using maybe a finger or other non obtrusive device work your way towards the screen
  8. As the keyboard slowly became detached I held the screen in between fully open and fully closed to give a bit more leverage on the keyboard.
  9. When you get near the final part NOTE: the rubber stoppers for the screen may fall out do keep an eye on them as you may need them when adding the new keyboard.

Keyboard Replacement

  1. Once the keyboard is fully removed. Add adhesive to the replacement keyboard back side.
  2. If the screen and plate are removed this is easier skip next step
  3. Using one hand hold the screen half way between open and closed. Recommendation to use a pen on the left side to keep the device half open (thanks @EskeRahn)
  4. Note the chip cover that keyboard reveals, insert the keyboard from that point
  5. Note the rubber stoppers, make sure the stay in before proceeding.
  6. Now slowly place the keyboard in place and once fully aligned begin to press the adhesive in place along the top of the keyboard the sides and the bottom by the spacebar.
  7. Fully repress and make sure the keyboard is in place.
  8. Replace the corner screw cover and you complete!


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