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How soon should I expect to be delivered a Pro1-X?

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Hi everyone,

first post here ! My "traditional" smartphone on / off key is unfortunately dead, I can use it, but if it decide to shutdown I won't be able to boot it again.

I'm looking into buying a Pro1 X, the physical keyboard being obviously the major argument, but I'm wondering the ETA of delivery. I won't be able to use my current smartphone for too long.

I've read some threads talking about months or year of waiting for some costumers of the Pro1.

The Pro1-X seems to be fairly new, November is the first shipping of this model ? I've read about the change of architecture, I'm not bothered by it but should we expecting extra delay because of it ?

Any user from France that can testify ?

Thanks to all !

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If you order now I guess you could hope to get it in a year at best, more likely winter 2022. They still need to show finished prototypes and start production. Then they need to ship to customers who ordered the Pro1, some years ago, and never got it. Then they need to ship to all the Pro1X buyers, then you. Though in terms of volume they don't need to produce that much really. Looks like they sold about 1500 units on IGG. So I guess with 3000 units they could easily complete all their orders. Much depends on how fast they can produce them really. I doubt they will be able to produce more than 300 devices in a month, in fact that's probably optimistic from what we have seen in the past. So it could be that winter 2022 is an optimistic guess...

All that is obviously assuming they don't hit other show stoppers in final prototyping or during production... things like design faults or components shortage could ruin it all.

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There were people waiting for Pro1 general availability... they are still waiting. I think pre-ordrer is all we will get. But who knows maybe F(x)tec is making plans to pump out larger volumes. 

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You may also want look at the latest update of their IGG campaign sent out almost an hour ago.

It seems they have some working units (potentially good for development even if its mainboard has an earlier version), a potential last iteration of V3 main board, then an ongoing CE/FCC certification (it should be done using the final mainboard iteration) and mass production then.

They currently estimate shipping in November which is potentially the end of the month and that will mean if they are right, they will serve their pending orders first near the beginning of December.
So I would expect based on previous experience, they may send out later units early next year but it may happen they can scale up production better than near the start of Covid problems.

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