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Phone bricked - repair shop in CA, US?

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I have an fxtec pro1 which suddenly bricked this afternoon.  No warning, had been working fine a few hours before.  Is there a repair place in northern California, US, which handles this type of phone?  The places I called in my area recently all said they don't know anything about this phone.

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Not surprising.  Try passing on these two videos to a shop and see if those, the specs and that fact that, other than the keyboard, it is a bog-standard Andriod phone gets someone willing to look at it.


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same has happend to my fxtec pro1 yesterday it just suddenly turned off and no matter what I do, it just won't turn back on.

I've emailed support but since it's been over two years, I don't think they can help.


on windows device manager it shows 'QUSB_BULK' when pluged in via usb.


I think it's either software or hardware issue, I never rooted the device or flashed it with any other image.


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@AngledLuffa and @saygi,

You may want to look in the following thread:

...or most likely in this thread:

I think the latter (Factory Restore Tool) would be interesting for you, but I have a feeling it will not help.

My friend had a similar problem of his Pro1 maybe a year ago (or more) which has started the same way and ended up with a factory replacement device.

Flash tool could reach the device, but it has failed reaching its internal flash storage, most likely UFS flash IC became dead in his case.
(So, it was either a soldering problem or IC fault but the result was that flash IC was not responding.)
However, it may worth a try if the problem is not the same for you - but it is unlikely if it has just happened suddenly and not because of a failed attempt of OS change / replacement.

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