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Remove fingerprint lock after 5 attempts

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On Lineage OS 18.1 I keep getting in situations where the fingerprint sensor won't work until I unlock to phone with PIN. That was somewhat of an issue before but since I changed my case it's annoying to the point where the fingerprint sensor is almost useless.

I'm assuming most those issues are related to the fact that the fingerprint sensor gets temporary locked after 5 failed attempts and permanently locked after 20 failed attempts. Though on stock it would show a message on the lock screen telling you your fingerprint sensor is disabled, on LOS I don't get such message. My new case enables easier access to the fingerprint sensor leading to more failed attempts.

I'm planning to make a build that fixes this issue the relevant source code is there:


I guess I would just set those constants to something high enough so that fingerprint lock won't kick in.


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19 hours ago, raymo said:

For my curiosity, what sort of case are you using ?

Custom flip bookcase based on Huawei P20 Pro, I recently switched from a thicker one to this low profile one. The former I used for over 18 months. I'm also not excluding going back to it depending on how well that later one is working out.

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20 hours ago, EskeRahn said:

,,,Or you could make a case where the flap goes the other way. Just 12h stiching... *LOL*

Actually I really enjoy that kind of manual activity, it is such pleasant change from software engineering.

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