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... of which the latest is:

However that goes, I guess it would be sensible to consider that the shipping backlog goes back to 2019 for some of the original Pro1 orders which never were shipped and then were changed into Pro1X orders (this includes my own first order). So even if shipping would start at the end of this month, someone who ordered their device just recently will probably not be served with that first batch.

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Would be nice to have an update from Fxtec here (as would be expected really).

When will we receive our Pro1-X phones, that we've paid for ?  That's not a rude question, I we want to know when your shipping, the website does say November and we're getting fed up waiting.

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1 hour ago, xenon said:

Would be nice to have an update from Fxtec here

Even though Fxtec runs the website, this is just a user forum; Fxtec does not publish official statements here. Still, they do publish monthly updates about how the preparations for production are going for the Pro1X on Indiegogo, which have been copied into this thread here, too:

Indiegogo backers also get that information by email. It just seems that the people who ordered straight from the website instead of using Indiegogo don't get as much love...

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