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Virtual keyboard when physical keyboard is in use (Solved, Swiftkey option)

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Everytime I start to type a sms or email, the  virtual keyboard pops up (although I have the slider open). The virtual keyboard disappears automatically if I start typing on the physical one.

Is there a way to avoid the virtual keyboard to pops up at all? I use swiftkey and finqwerty on stock android.

Under physical keyboard I have already deactivated the "keep it on screen while the physical keyboard is active"

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Are you on stock android, or some other rom?
Du you see the same if you (for test) use the standard keyboard driver, and not Swiftkey?
Is it a particular program, or 'any' input field?
I use Swiftkey on stock, and do not see this, so I'm almost certain it is a setting somewhere that need to be changed.
(the suggestion to de-select swiftkey, to see if it is a setting inside or outside swiftkey we are hunting for...)

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Thanks. I am on stock android. I do not experience the issue when selecting gboard instead of swiftkey. So it must be a swiftkey option to find. Good first narrow down.

I found the solution now.

Swiftkey app> Typing > physical keyboard >Automatically show / hide virtual keyboard must be deselected to avoid the problem I was describing.

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