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2022: Ubuntu Touch vs LineageOS F(x)tec PRO¹ X

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Apologies if I've overlooked another thread that answers this for 2022!

This question is being posed from an individual who has not been following the community threads and has not been aware of this manufacturer previous to this. 

I really like Linux a lot and like many others have searched far and wide. I've seen the Cosmo communicator and notice it does dual boot but not sure it is keeping up on the Linux side.

 I value using my phone as a daily driver for usage. I do the normal things email, SMS, some web browsing, navigation etc. I have a feeling this keyboard device might prohibit using for nav. 


Is there a current 2022 comparison for usability and features? It ships with either LineageOS vs Ubuntu touch. Are there any current recommendations or pros and cons??

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We do not know anything about the status of OS development for the (future) Pro1-X.

What we do ḱnow is that UbuntuTouch on the original (835)  Pro1 is falling behind LineageOS by many orders of magnitude. LineageOS outclasses even the official Android 9 OS that came with the device, while UbuntuTouch -- unfortunately -- lacks some of the most basic functionality even two years into development

The reason for this is that F(x)tec officially support neither of those OSes for the original Pro1, but, because of the much larger community, LineageOS has much more traction. Hopefully the situation will be different for the Pro1-X.

The way you ask your question however makes me suspicious about whether you truly understand what UbuntuTouch is. UbuntuTouch is not comparable to the Ubuntu Linux distribution for PCs. It is a smartphone system quite similar to Android. In fact, it even does not use a Linux kernel from Ubuntu, but rather that of the Android OS that initially shipped with the device! With UbuntuTouch, you shouldn't expect to to use standard Unix software out-of-the-box, nor should you believe you can use apt for managing your software, or be able to use traditional Unix paradigms in your daily workflow. Are you aware of that? In what sense do you expect UbuntuTouch to be more "Linux" than LineageOS?   

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22 minutes ago, steff said:

I wonder if  the ubports development will be affected in a positive way by the added support to the 5.16 linux kernel.

No, I think it won't.

UbuntuTouch for the Pro1 (and for the Pro1-X, as far as I know) is a hybris port, meaning it does not actually use it own Linux kernel. It re-uses the kernel of the original AndroidOS that came with the device (together with other core parts of Android).

That basic support for the Pro1 is in mainline now, is certainly a good thing in itself. But right now it allows not much more than booting to a terminal. There is no support for any advanced hardware that one needs for the device to fulifil its purpose as a phone. It may be an interesting starting point for new applications of the Pro1, but using this as a new basis for UbuntuTouch would be a serious set-back for that project.

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