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4G LTE FDD Band 28 (700 MHz) support in New Zealand

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I am on Vodafone in New Zealand. VF NZ operates 4G LTE FDD on bands 3, 7 and 28.

Band 3 works really well, but I can't seem to get band 28 at all (even though Fxtec claims FDD band 28 is supported). My friend's Samsung phone from about 3 years ago is often on band 28 and therefore gets much better coverage in certain areas.

I read that it is important to note the specific band plan in use. This is described here:


The advice is to ensure your phone supports "Band 28 APT" which is a band plan/segmentation with 703-748 MHz uplink and 758-803 mHz downlink.

I am using LineageOS 18.1, if that matters.

Does the Pro1 support this? If it is not working, could it be that it must be whitelisted by the telco?

Any help much appreciated!

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