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Pro1X for private sale

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After seeing all the quick replies I decided I would open it up and just check it out (after finding a thingiverse possible case solution).  Everything works perfectly (well I haven't tried to charge

Well though I'm personally happy with my Pro1 (still waiting for the Pro1X), but that does not mean that everybody has to feel the same. So I don't see anything wrong in someone trying to find a new o

If you really aren't interested in the phone, leave it closed box.  As @EskeRahnsaid, FxTec will honor the warranty for the new owner. If you don't know if you want the device or not, but are wor

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Alright, my findings: First of all, I decided to use the model from https://community.fxtec.com/profile/8210-ubuntuscofield/ (and only the bottom part, because I intend to use it in a leather book case) instead of the one referenced in this thread. The person printing it for me used the FLEX filament, that was OK (in fact, he printed another using PLA and yet another using PETg as well, but only the FLEX filament ended up in something usable). However, I had to adapt (enlarge) several of the holes a bit - in particular the two speaker holes (both had to be extended a bit towards the middle), the hole for the jack connector (headset) and especially the hole for the microphone (the one used for calling - not sure if there's another microphone next to the camera, or what else the small hole there is). But that was it, it seems to work as expected now. :-)

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Looking to sell my My F(x)tec Pro1X 8/256. Havent used it yet so its in perfect condition, although i have taken it out of the box to check it out (Everything Works). 

I dont want to sell it but I really need the funds for more important things in life. Im willing to sell cheaper than what i payed for it (as long as its within reason).

If interested personal message me on here or my E-mail is [email protected].


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After using it a little bit, then putting it back in the box until I could get a buddy to 3d print me a case for it...well he hasn't had time to print the case and I also worried that someday Verizon would kick the device off (since I was using a donor SIM) and for where I live my house only is served by Verizon, so that was some anxiety.

I asked my dad to list it on eBay for me (after I did a full factory reset and sealed the box before taking it to him to handle selling/shipping) - https://www.ebay.com/itm/155169182551  SOLD

If it sells I'll tuck the money away for when my current phone starts to die on me. If it doesn't sell I suppose I'll wait until LinageOS releases for it and hopefully then be able to motivate that friend to build a 3d case.  No matter what happens I'll be looking for a phone that I know does or will be supported by LinageOS as I have really come to love that over stock Android.

I haven't given up on f(x)tec and plan to lurk around here no matter what...I really hope the company can get through everything with the Pro1-X shipments and then start working on a new generation.  I feel bad and sad about selling it, but the reality of life sometimes gets in the way of dreams (I have dreamed of a great keyboard phone since my Motorola Droid 3 got too slow to use).

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5 minutes ago, CitricBase said:

You keep posting these "selling it" threads. Are you expecting a positive response, or what? 

Wouldn't be surprised if the mods lose patience, this is practically the opposite of constructive discussion. 

Well though I'm personally happy with my Pro1 (still waiting for the Pro1X), but that does not mean that everybody has to feel the same. So I don't see anything wrong in someone trying to find a new owner for it, that hopefully like it better.

Though I had considered moving them into one thread.

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Ah, so people put money forth without knowing what the end product they were receiving would be?  I am new and was not thinking along those lines, that they'd sent money perhaps many months ago, and now do not want the phone after all, without having even opened the box.  That's the part that had me quizzical.

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