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Unable to download Netflix App

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I can confirm that the app itself does not (yet?) complain about rooting per-se.

Rooted, Google-free Pro1 with LineageOS 16.0 here. That's good-old "su" (on modified root partition), no magisk hiding anything about it. I could install Netflix via Aurora store and it is getting updated normally.

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I never had any Netflix issues on the rooted Pro1 with LOS 18.1, either.

That said, I wouldn't know whether the Netflix app might have been marked as incompatible at some point; once it's installed, I don't think it would get deleted.

You might want to download the APK (like with https://apps.evozi.com/apk-downloader/ from Google's Play Store), if all else fails.

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For what it's worth, another update of Netflix (to version "8.35.0 build 19 50257") just came in via Aurora. Runs just fine on rooted, GAPPs-free LOS 16.0.

Seems like it is indeed just a matter of circumventing the Google Play store ...

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