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Fingerprint scanner coming loose

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I've had my Pro1X since Aug 1, and noticed today that the fingerprint scanner had separated from the case. It still works; the electrical connection is on the other end of it. I've taped it down with a bit of electrical tape for now.


What's the best way to stick it down permanently? Should I disable it until it's been fixed? I don't use it anyway.

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Hey there, I just noticed the same with mine, although it is not that bad yet, but it's just a question of time until a strand or something else will tear it completely. Do you have already a fix for it? Or a response from someone official?

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1 hour ago, eorg said:

What type of glue did you use? I don't use it either, but I don't like it, if it does not look good ^^

I don't know what type of glue he used, but if I want to use a strong (and hard) glue, I use a two-component glue like DevCon (made in the USA) which is really strong and S-31 is water-clear but advised to be used in a well-ventilated place or maybe Uverapid for example (made in Hungary) but that is not 100% clear...

Basically these are two-component "epoxy resin"-based adhesives which are usually very strong glues.
DevCon is my favourite being really strong, has a long shelf-life and remains usable even long time after opened (if you not bought it from old stock).

S31 has an about 30 minutes of working time and it needs about 8-12 hours to cure or S208 for example has a bit less strength but only 5 minutes of working time and needs about 1 hour to cure.

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