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Refund successful :-)

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After almost three years of waiting, I decided to write to FX Tec support and asked for a refund of the purchase price. I did not want to have a meanwhile technical outdated phone...

After a few emails back and forth, the money was actually transferred back to me. Only the approximately 38 euros for the upgrade are not. But at least.

So I say Goodbye to this community and wish you the best for receiving your phones soon... 🙂🙌

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Hello Fx Tec Support team,


meanwhile I am waiting for almost 3 years for the Phone.

Lastly you promised me my delivery on September 2022.

It's supposed to be December 2022 now... Since the phone seems to be technologically outdated, I would like to ask you to cancel my order and transfer my money back to me via Paypal.

Thank you for an answer.


This was my mail. "Francisco" from the support managed the refund.

I also had to sent all Order Details, name, adress, date of order, number of order.


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It was not an preorder. Just a normal order via homepage in February 20 and yes, for the original FX tec Pro 1.  Exactly one year later in February 21 I upgraded to the Pro1X in saphire blue, with 8 GB Ram. 🙄

I really would have liked to have the phone, but unfortunately it's now technically outdated, and I've gotten used to the Samsung Fold, which is also good for writing thanks to the large screen. 🤗

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I would like a refund too, and I have previously written about this a month ago. 

Francisco screwed me over for not only the $900 I paid, but the $148 for me to send the damn phone back to FX...the package came back to me as undeliverable to not one BUT TWO DIFFERENT ADDRESSES AROUND LONDON.  Now I have this phone that I do not want sitting here and making me more frustrated by the day because I don't want to deal with it any more.  I am willing to take a hit on this barely even used device.  I am so frustrated that two different addresses weren't good enough.  I feel I did all I was supposed to do but still screwed over.  What a waste!  Greg Palmer - Billings, MT

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Hmmm, did they instruct you to send by cheapest method possible?  They always instructed me to do that.  That is USPS International Parcel Post and is usually about $50 (at least from VA). It seems very effective at getting it delivered properly, although you can't insure it for what the phone is worth because Parcel Post has a maximum much lower, but that was never a problem the two times I sent mine in. I think in England, USPS hands off to Royal Mail.  I don't know what happened with the adresses. I always used the addresses Francisco provided and had no problem. Sorry you have had such a different experience.

@Casey, can you be of any assistance?

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Hook, I used UPS for $148usd.  UPS called me after the first failed delivery, so I inquired to Francisco about it.  He then forwarded me a copy of the Pro1x invoice with another address to deliver, so gave the info to UPS only to have it returned to my home about 1-2 weeks later.  Then I felt helpless because I had already wasted the $148 and very much of my time, so I am...just...?  I feel if I call it won't be returned.  I did everything I was supposed to do to achieve a refund.  The phone has barely been used and I only want a refund or 600-700 for it.  I have never posted anything on ebay either.  I appreciate you and anyone who is willing to help me recoup some of my losses and find this phone a happy home.



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