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support team having trouble?

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They can be slow to answer.  I think there are two main factors involved. 

1. Is just simply that they are very few people wearing very many hats, and probably they are getting flooded with requests.  Their system doesn't have any way to distinguish "I'm having technical difficulty" from "Where's my IGG perk."  Everything goes to the same inbox.  What is it you have emailed them about?  If it is anything like "where is my IGG perk," their only answer is the latest update.

2. They have a tendency to not reply until the have an answer yet. 

If I have not heard from them for a month, I usually politely ping them and usually get an answer (this is using a previous reply that has the ticket number and says "make your reply above the line."

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16 hours ago, Flustig said:

So is it just me or is the support team having difficulties dealing with all the tickets?


They are ghosting me for weeks, I dont know if I did something or thats just general issue ☹️

Hey 😄

We're quite behind on our customer support tickets at the moment as the person maintaining this was on leave for 2 weeks. We currently have a backlog of tickets from around Christmas last year, and will be working on them accordingly. Please note, we do not ghost any of the requests we receive. Apologies for this and thank you for your patience! 

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Also, it looks like Fx have a really BIG problem with the X handset, see thread: "Pro1x - really poor connectivity to both wifi and cellular". Mine is so useless as a phone that I've gone back to my old Moto One Zoom until Fx can provide a solution... 😪


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