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Does Anyone Have External Keyboard Helper Working Correctly on the Pro1x?

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My Pro1x has arrived and this forum has been a huge assistance. I very much appreciate the time and consideration that users have put into their very helpful posts.

From my forum searches, and my own experience, both Button Mapper and Button Remapper, fine programs in their own right, are problematic on the Pro1x. Both rearrange the hkb keys (eg: no pipe, / =  ?). Furthermore, Button Mapper adds a repeated letter in texts and documents when said letter is used to activate a program (eg: if long-pressed T activates a thesaurus, when simply typing T in a document, the T will double itself; this does not happen in Button Remapper).

The use of FinQwerty doesn't solve these issues, either.

So I'm looking at External Keyboard Helper Pro, and while I've had it working on bluetooth kbs, I can't get it working on the Pro1x's kb. It either doesn't recognize my keystrokes, or it only works once, then never again.

Has any user found any joy with EKH, or another keystroked app launcher?

Thanks again to all who run and contribute to this great forum.

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43 minutes ago, jakfish said:

Both rearrange the hkb keys (eg: no pipe, / =  ?).

This is a bug in the stock OS, and happens because they modified Generic.kcm despite the comment at the top of the file instructing them not to. We have fixed this problem in LineageOS here:


Hopefully F(x)tec can include these changes in a future update.

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Until something better comes along, I've been looking at app shortcuts in the notification area. The best one I've found so far:


NT is the only one (so far) that allows a transparent icon on the status bar. It will also let you place a significant number of icons (I'm using 9) in a one row, further reducing clutter.

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