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Selling Pro1or Pro1x. Please no requests for devices, only post if you have one to sell yourself.

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Pro 1. Now on a Pixel 7. I like the phones that start with a P and end with a number.

I'm sure you could ask way more for an OG Pro1 in such good condition. I'd be very much tempted, but i've got a spare prawn already. Would be a pity if yours had to spend its remaining life in a

@Jeffrey I edited your message.   It is a really bad idea to post email addresses and phone numbers on forums.  It invites collection of that personal information.  I left the email in a less bot-reco

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I MAYBE am thinking about selling my Pro1. It's a QWERTY and in US. I got it way back in January, and used it as a daily driver everyday until my work closed due to COVID. I found myself using it less and less and, now since that I am no longer at my work building, I noticed that I have little to no reception with T-Mobile in my area. I am on the fence about selling this RARE piece of tech, however not being able to send or receive texts or calls in certain situations is a tad bit more important.

Now, I am going to be testing AT&T with my wife's sim and see if there is any reception / coverage difference. Will play around for a week or so and make a decision but in the meantime, if anyone may be interested feel free to send me a message; however, I just may not end up selling it. 

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EDIT: Sold.


I decided to sell my Pro1, too. I prefer to sell it in Germany only.

If you want to bid or buy: https://www.ebay.de/itm/F-x-tec-Pro-1-128GB-Schwarz-Ohne-Simlock-Dual-SIM-6-Display-QX1000/373198744195

Not sure how the price is, so if it doesn't sell for this price, I'm gonna lower it. Please: when I posted it on ebay-kleinanzeigen, I got like 30 messages from people supposedly wanting it and asking me to deliver it to the UK. I won't do it unless you are an active member on here. In this case I might lower the price by around 75€ compared to the buyout price, too, ending up at around 600€ give or take.

If you are a known poster on here and want this device, it doesn't matter where you're from. Just let me know on here and we will try to make it work. Please don't be upset though if I don't sell to you.

The device has had a hard reset, locking it back again worked and the device runs smoothly right now. I have a spare screen I'll add to the original box with the device. It's a QWERTZ-layout device.

I decided I am typing too little to keep it (though it's heaven for SSH and RDP as well as long E-Mails) and I might go with a ROG Phone 3 instead... probably.

I hope I didn't hijack this thread. If I did, I'd like to kindly ask to make this post a standalone thread.

Best regards,


Edit: I have used the device since mid-December 2019. It is in good condition, but one can find a few scratches here and there. This however doesn't have an impact on its functionality whatsoever.

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The Pro1 seems to have a bit weaker reception than other devices.  But be aware faking signal strength bars is common in the industry.  You need to compare reception with actual signal numbers in dB to be sure.  And always judge functionality based on ... well ... functionality, not signal bars.


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To be honest, calls and texts go through 99% of the time and I've never had a dropped call. So I guess my gripe really comes down to the very slow LTE speeds I'm experiencing. I just feel like venting some frustrations I have. Other than this my Pro1 has been great for me. Maybe I should look into other carriers whose main LTE bands are supported by the Pro1.

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looks like from the main page
higher and faster bands, image.png.08d203a98d70720fb467b325fd0cb9f1.png
notably, on verizon, you're working with only 4 out of their 7 bands... maybe this is the cause for the verizon unfortune happening to the Pro1.
att has an extra band of 17 over tmobile. 
unfortunately, faster LTE speeds can't be reached, i don't think, notably in the 66, 71 bands, since Pro1 forgot to implement these bands in their specs when building the phone.

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58 minutes ago, Melmanna said:

It's almost new except for some minor damage to the outer edge of the SIM/MicroSD card tray.

Maybe that minor damage looks worse in photo but wow, I can not really imagine what happened. 😞

Anyway, it is not a perfect solution as it can be easily removed if there is one SIM inserted only but can be really hard to remove if there are one card and a but thicker SD card inserted...
Anyway, for later tries, if can be opened safely by using a plastic opening tool or maybe a metal but not sharp tool (less recommended) by trying to pull it instead of stretching.

Anyway, that bumper may completely hide the SIM tray.

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7 minutes ago, EskeRahn said:

Hmm if something has been jammed in that port in a way so this amount of force was needed to get it out, I wonder if the interior card readers could be more or less mechanically damaged too...

Maybe you are right, but a not really thoughtful usage of a metal thing (like a screwdriver) may cause this injury without internal damage I think.
If you have too short nails and/or use a SIM + uSD card together then an opening tool may needed and a wrong material / wrong usage may lead to this...

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After nearly 12 month I finally got back my Pro1. Even though I liked the phone, when I got it, I am not quite comfortable using it now, knowing how long a support case can take and the fact that my fingerprint sensor broke after only one week, when I initially got it.

I am selling the replacement querty device, which came new in box. I don't know if posting ebay links is allowed, so if anyone is interested, contact me.

If anyone is willing to buy it, without using ebay, I will take a bit of the price, as I would be saving a bit of money in ebay sales fees.


edit: The phone has been sold.

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added ebay link
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  • d changed the title to Selling QUERTY Pro1 in Germany

I'm selling a QWERTY Pro1 for $630 US, plus shipping. I prefer to ship to a buyer in the United States since international shipping isn't the most reliable right now. (Thanks COVID-19!)

The phone is running the stock OS patched with the latest OTA update. Includes original packaging.

I like the smartphone, no issues. No scratches.

Thought I'd have more time to play and experiment with the Pro1 - I want to try Lineage 17.1 on it! - but haven't had time. Plus, I see other people waiting for their Pro1 units, and complaining on F(x)tec's Instagram...

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  • Melmanna changed the title to [SOLD] Selling my QWERTY Pro1
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I am parting ways with my Pro1. Simply put, it was not for me. I like Blackberry type portrait keyboards, and after 2 months of use, I realized I did not use the keyboard at all, basically.

I am wondering if anyone can say where I should best post the phone for sale. I want it to go on auction. Ebay seems to demand for me to have sold 10 items before I'm allowed to sell anything internationally (I live in Sweden). It's a QWERTZ if anyone's wondering. It has some use, but not much.


Thank you,

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6 minutes ago, EskeRahn said:

I was not aware of that ebay limit 😰, but thanks for sharing, and hopefully you will find an alternative, so the Pro1 can get a new owner.

Yes! I am happy to pass it on to someone who I am sure will be much happier than me for it.

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  • Hook changed the title to Selling Pro1or Pro1x. Please no requests for devices, only post if you have one to sell yourself.

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