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  1. I feel like they should add several other cases, to fit the needs of many. Some people like myself absolutely can’t stand a silicone case whereas others like the way they feel. I had a somewhat rubber case for my BB KeyOne an I liked the way it felt. It was easy to slide in and out of my pocket. It wasn’t extremely bulky either. Which is a huge factor when making a case for a phone that is somewhat on the wider side. However, its probably not an easy task to make a “protective” case for a phone that is a slider.

    My main concern however, is a screen protector. I understand you can buy those “cut to fit” protectors, but let’s face it. The cut to fit screen protectors are awful.. I really hope they, (or some company) will make a screen protector specifically designed for this phone. I for one am extremely cautious when it comes to my phones and I want nothing but top quality to ensure my phone will be protected in the event of a fall.

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