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    • I have the very same problem. Randomly, the phone is on mute, even if all the volumes are maxed, DND is off, and I didn't touch the phone.  If I reset the phone (10 secs power button), it's ok, but just until it happen again. It's been some months since I'm experiencing this problem.  You don't know when and if it'll ring. My "test" is the charging cable. If it doesn't make the charging sound, it's on "mute"
    • I was, of course, half  joking.  But, actually, I guess Mrs. Hook and I are just different from a lot of folks.  She has her money and I have my money.  We share expenses (proportional to differences in income), both contribute to savings, but we each spend our money as we like after that.  She has her obsessions and I have mine. 😉
    • Yhe WAF  is a important part. According to a study made by Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) the wife is controlling 88% of the electronic purchases, either directly by buying it herself or, as in the majority of the cases, indirectly by "mind fucking", black mailing or in other manners manipulatibg and controlling her husband.     
    • I've seen the charging issue too over past few weeks. Usually I turn my phone off overnight so that means a clean start each morning. I see this issue come up when I'm heavily using the phone during the day and I recharge to 100% then use it some more and want to top out again starting between 70%-80%. I see the battery level just stuck at 78% or whatever it was when plugged in, so I'm with your self-sustaining power draw theory.
    • Basically you are right, but that is one thing what I hate in Android from the beginning.
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