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    • Most remote desktop solutions (on Android) can emulate right click by two-finger tapping the screen. Some can even do middle click, though my MS RD8 can´t. Security should not be an issue as you can limit access to localhost only in TigerVNC or XRDP. If needed, one can then still access the device remotely via SSH tunneling. Performance is worse than in your solution as the remoting layer adds extra overhead. Mounting my "home" in Android (i.e. /storage/emulated/0) is precisely what is working only sort-of in my chroot. Effectively, I can only read data from there, but not write there, even though the filesystem is mounted rw in the chroot, and even if I try to write as root. I assume some higher-level Android security layer stands in my way here. I do have full write access to a separate data partition on my SD card, that I can thus use for data that should be read/writable from both systems.  As for HW accel: For the reasons I discussed with @Raksura, I still fail to see how having an accelerated Wayland compositor (the patched wlroots) would automatically give you hardware acceleration in the client apps, as I think that is completely independent of Wayland. But as I say, I am no expert on this. Just a long-time (desktop) Linux user whom this (otherwise marvelous) Pro1 with its proprietary kernel blobs reminded of the value of (truly) open-source software ... 
    • You can reduce above link to https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32883429991.html The rest is just tracking...
    • It's the same one offered a bit cheaper on Aliexpress.  Both are coming from China, so who knows which is faster. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32883429991.html
    • What do you guys think about this one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Original-Touch-Screen-LCD-Display-Assembly-Replacement-For-Elephone-U-U-Pro/123966841906?hash=item1cdcffe432%3Ag%3ASIgAAOSw1wZdbRc8&LH_BIN=1 What do you think about quality? Is is as good as the original one?
    • Thanks for sharing your setup too, it looks very interesting and, being running in Android, it undoubtedly can be used by many more people than any Sailfish solution! I'm very happy to hear about users using their device as a desktop UMPC. 1. You two know much more than I do about hardware acceleration and how it works under the hood, to me this is just like trying to understand those green symbols falling down in the matrix, so I won't try to reply accurately to that question. All I can say is the developer of sailfish-containers told me that, theoretically, HW acceleration in LXC could be solved by adding hybris-mobian repository, installing libhybris, and patching wlroots. Containers could then run in Wayland instead of XWayland/Qxdisplay, but this hasn't been tested as far as I know. And who knows how much work would "patching wlroots" be. As for whether LXC is superior to chroot or not, I honestly don't have an educated answer, but I always heard that chroots has a few more limitations, like systemd or the like. 2. I don't think this is possible using the XWayland solution in Sailfish. But it may be possible to use remote desktop solutions too. I know it is possible to use Xephyr/Xnest too, and that the implementation is a bit different. I try that quickly when I wanted to get a software cursor rendered on the screen (which is now fixed in XWayland), and I know it also offered more possibilities to manipulate X settings, like xmodmap (which has no effect in XWayland), although there were different limitations for touch use which made me stick to XWayland. XWayland is definitely suboptimal and merely a way to deal with the Wayland limitations in SailfishOS that Raksura mentionned. It would be interesting indeed to investigate remote desktop solutions as long as the performance and security remains the same, especially if they offer better support for right clicks. 3. That here is a significant advantage of the implementation of LXC containers in SailfishOS. I *believe* you can mount any folder you want, and you will have write permissions if you want to. I only mount my Sailfish $HOME and my SD card.
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