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    • With infinity remounting yes. I couldn't get partitions to work as expected though. I gave up, I returned to Andronix Modded OS in ~/Andronix of Termux (i.e. /data/data/somewhere).
    • [deleted] Edit: OK, had not seen your last edit. I guess problem is solved?
    • I fear we don't only need the same connector (it's three or four pins after all) but the same hardware behind it. The pins will be ground | VBus (positive) | temperature | capacity A different battery might uses different resistors so it would deliver wrong values. Since the battery itself only has two pins which connect to the circuit, the best approach is to remove the circuit from your Pro1 battery and solder it to your new battery that fits into your phone. I have a new (probably) fitting battery laying around but I haven't had the time to try out if it actually fits and how the Pro1 behaves if you only connect two or three pins (VBUS, GND, temperature). Temperature sensors are usually a thermal resistor between temperature pin / GND.
    • Okay. I created selinux_init at /data/local/userinit.d with following content:   #!/system/bin/sh /vendor/bin/setenforce 0 And hit the button in Run Userinit app.  But it doesn't seem to be launched at boot, because Android after reboot starts that party with partitions again, unless I run "/vendor/bin/setenforce 0" as root in Termux, manually.   I forgot to chmod +x 🤭
    • Hello! After running /vendor/bin/setenforce 0 Remounting problem is gone! Can I run it at boot as an other init script? I assume your script does it, so I guess that yes.   I will try to run Andronix Modded OS from SD Card now.
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