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    • Great point- I need to compare them. Going to do that now...Thanks
    • The principal difference keyboardwise (apart from the opening system) is that Pro1 got more but minor keys. So I expect what is the best for a specific person depends on if they need A-Z (almost) only, or have fingers that struggle with small keys, if so the larger keys are likely to be a plus. If you on the other hand want national letters and other keys in their standard positions the Pro1 is likely to be a better choice.
    • Thanks for the work, people. Life got in the way here a bit. I did a bit of digging based on the rar shared in this thread by Kaali: The APK does seem to contain code to write config data to the chip (com.goodix.tools.ICParametersConfig.class). I attached a version of the *.cfg converted to decimal, separated by newlines. There are 239 bytes in total, which do not seem to map cleanly to the config information in the datasheet. I also attached a version of the flashing instructions with Google translations in them. I used the APK with my Pro1 in USB debugging mode, and after having run the commands in the instructions. The "I2C Operation" function properly reads and shows the config bytes. Via this route I have been able to confirm that the data in BOE-5.99-GT9286_1.1.28(3C02)V70_Config_20190625_133423.cfg starts at register address (0x)8050. The 239 bytes read match up (almost) perfectly with the 239 entries. I'll attach the output (use the 'Save' checkbox in the APK) on my phone as well as the original config file. The APK also has a 'Configuration setting' which reads the config from the chip and actually displays the info with the register names in front of them. Using the 'save' feature there ends up with almost the exact same contents as the I2C dump (with the exception of the final byte, which is a 1 instead of a 0). The sad part here is that the config file in the rar (BOE-..) is exactly the same as the config that the APK exports from my phone. The Space_Up_Down and Space_Left_Right values are also already at zero. It's late, so I might be overlooking something. To be continued later, when I'm a bit fresher. Decimal version of config values - newlines.cfg Translated instructions - GT9286 flashing.docx BOE-5.99-GT9286_1.1.28(3C02)V70_Config_20190625_133423.cfg DI_broken_margins_cfg_backup_2022762355.cfg DI_broken_margins_i2c_data_from_register0x8050.cfg
    • I didn't realise there was already a thread going here regarding shipping - yes I am told shipping will be from HK to UK and subject to import costs. I have looked at ordering straight from the website and there is no mention at all of additional import costs to the UK and the shipping is free - surely there would be mention of import costs when placing an online order and why is shipping free in the UK if the shipping is from HK.. I fear I will end up paying much more through crowdfunding than had I purchased it online now... I know funds were needed to get to where we are but it just seems a little unfair that people who haven't backed this can now pay less than those who have been waiting for a long time and backed the project. My understanding is that the RRP will not be quoted on the customs form, but rather the cost of manufacture for those of us getting it as a perk.
    • That's a much better reason.  I hope it arrives in a timely manner and you like it 👍🏾
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