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    • OK bit the bullet & tried contacting them via the webform instead of my email lets see if they respond to that If the warranty runs out before they respond to me & they start playing silly buggers, they're going to end up paying my lawyers legal fees too   -- EDIT -- Ah a request received email, thank you automated reply system
    • They just posted an update on their indiegogo page. Looks like production will start October
    • You may also want look at the latest update of their IGG campaign sent out almost an hour ago. It seems they have some working units (potentially good for development even if its mainboard has an earlier version), a potential last iteration of V3 main board, then an ongoing CE/FCC certification (it should be done using the final mainboard iteration) and mass production then. They currently estimate shipping in November which is potentially the end of the month and that will mean if they are right, they will serve their pending orders first near the beginning of December. So I would expect based on previous experience, they may send out later units early next year but it may happen they can scale up production better than near the start of Covid problems.
    • ADD: A really low priority bug. When attepmting unlocking with the fingerprint scanner from display-off it quite often does not work.. If I then press Power and tries again (from the lock screen) it (AFAIK) always works, including the haptic feedback. I THINK it is could be related with how deep it sleeps, that is if after a while in lock it might work if by some chance I touch it while a wake lock has woken the system, e.g. to check mails. But that is pure guesswork. This is absolutely a low priority issue, but just to the list to remember if more important things fails to do as expected while the device is asleep.
    • (lineage-18.1-20210020-nightly-pro1-signed.zip on September 5 security patch installed smoothly using adb sideload and Open_Gapps-arm64-11-pico-20210712) ...But the reintroduced Accessibility / keyboard bug is not (yet) fixed, see above.
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