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  2. Yes, there is still a problem to be solved, it just can't be solved by changing qwertz_fn_keys[] in the keyboard driver. @VaZso's summary is quite correct, that we will most likely need additional language-specific custom keymaps to make this work properly. We probably also need the ability to remap the six 'modifier' keys with dedicated GPIO lines (shift, ctrl, fn_l, F logo, alt, and fn_r), and this is not possible with the current custom keymap feature. However, we are making good progress towards adding support for that.
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  4. Yes, this is a 2-in-1 problem. The first one is the different keymap of shifted (QWERTY) and normal (QWERTZ) variants of keyboards we have. It is a bit strange that F(x)tec itself has generated this issue as otherwise these layouts would work exactly the same way deep inside. So the problem is the shifting itself which made default layout of Pro1 to be unusual while QWERTZ variant is a perfectly usual layout. So @tdm's keyboard driver solved this issue by allowing to map appropriate keycodes to shifted keys respective to its written functions while also maps appropriate keycod
  5. Thanks. But if it ONLY works with German, this seams to break the whole original idea of letting the qwertz/qwerty switch select all the necessary remapping to get a standard layout so ANY available android standard layout could be selected, fitting the users language. ADD: Obviously if I select a qwerty based language on the qwertz keyboard with the qwertz switch, I EXPECT the letter between T and U to send a Y, and similar others will not match the print. (and obviously similar issues the other way round) No better or worse than if I selected to write with another language on a phy
  6. Same with me. I just sent my phone to their new address on Friday. Will let you all know how that goes.
  7. I do not know if @EskeRahn made some push or @Erik read this thread, when @Rob. S. tagged him, but with some magic help after several weeks of silence Support team amazingly replied me that evening. Unfortunately just announcement, that they apology and I have to wait. So in conclusion: first contact: 22.2.2021 pictures of corners and whole phone wanted, sent 23.2.2021 then I needed the phone very much, so i somehow made it even with the ghost touchy display.. On 9.4.2021 the phone was sent on my own costs. several e-mails about when it will be, in total 6 outgoing mes
  8. Exactly. Out of interest, I had applied the proposed patch to my LOS 16 on my QWERTZ Pro1: The respective key immediately stopped working correctly. With @tdm's default keymap, things have always worked - given the correct configuration you describe. That one has to configure things in two places is of course a little cumbersome, and many of us QWERTZies stumbled on that in the beginning. Streamlining the UI here would be nice, but also not strictly necessary, as for most users configuring this is a one-time action.
  9. esme

    Pro 1 charging issue

    @EskeRahn Thanks for the tip Still no response to my email
  10. Ah I see. Please note that their support mail system (zendesk?) works in a way collecting mails in the queue, so sending in a new mail pulls back the previously mail to the end of the queue.
  11. On stock Android I was using Fx Service color filter feature to basically implement my own Night Light version. With Lineage OS we can look at it from a device manufacturer perspective and better customize Night Light as explained there: https://source.android.com/devices/tech/display/night-light My goal would be to make it darker than it currently is at maximum intensity, by either just changing the temperature range or even fine tuning those equations parameters. I'm also not that crazy about the Amber offset so I guess I would try to make sure it's not too pronounced. Moreover may
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  13. "Oops". I have opened a change with this keymap fix at https://review.lineageos.org/c/LineageOS/android_kernel_fxtec_msm8998/+/315195 I think the problem is that none of us actually have a QWERTZ layout Pro1, so the keymap may not have been well tested 😞 I can revise that change with any other mapping errors you find. I have verified that each key generates the glyph matching the printed keycap for QWERTZ variant Pro1 devices, as long as in 'Settings -> System -> Languages & Input -> Physical keyboard' *both* 'Advanced settings -> Physical layout
  14. esme

    Pro 1 charging issue

    @EskeRahn Stock Android, I read through other threads, rebooting the phone has no effect on charging for me, it looks to be how the lead is seated in the socket or how the socket is soldered to the motherboard. If I get it just so it works but then the slightest thing will stop it being "just so" & it stops charging and the annoying thing is the charge light can stay on when this happens, the phone has a charge light & a black screen but when I check Android says the phone isn't charging any more and the percentage charge hasn't gone up. So when I can get it to charge I have to ke
  15. Hey guys, at least I found a kind of flip case fitting for my needs. I don't carry my Pro1 with me a lot, so the bulky design doesn't matter and it's well protected at home πŸ˜„ I've bought it at this Etsy Store, not sure about international shipping but she's located in Munich. I like the idea of wrapping this elastic plastic stripes round the edge of the keyboard, so the display can close properly. If you order you can tell an individual phones size, choose from the Pro1's data sheet h: 154mm; w: 73,6mm; d: 8mm (depth only keyboard). I also asked her to make the whole bag 5mm wider
  16. They stepped up their game again. Since a few weeks support is answering and sending out parts again. I got a new USB-Board a few days ago, which has brought me one step closer to revive my precious pro1.
  17. I haven't noticed this issue on my phone either. I also have GSM battery manager and 3C all-in-one Toolbox installed and this is an early Pro1 if that matters.
  18. Anyone have any updates? Any news from FxTec on getting this fixed for ATT network customers since @peter.s.fidelman quoted message above?
  19. I currently have two Pro1s on Lineage, and am unable to reproduce the issue, no matter how much I let it charge or discharge, and no matter if it is a slow or quick charger. One of them recently factory reset (had AICP on it before). So unless there are unknown hardware sub-variants, it must be something different we got installed that somehow triggers (or remedies) the issue.The only explicitly battery-related I got installed is GSAM battery manager, and 3C all-in-one Toolbox. Both just monitoring the usage.
  20. From my experience with LOS (16.1 and 18.1, never used stock) I can say that the excessive call volume is related to VoLTE being enabled and active on both sides. While someone else (on another network) reported he had to completely disable 4G, for me, disabling VoLTE ("4G Calling" in the "Mobile network" settings) was enough to get rid of the issue.
  21. Since I have never had stock, I cannot compare LOS to it regarding call quality. But I somehow remember @tdm saying the telephony bits were taken 1:1 from stock, so maybe there really should not be much of a difference ... All I can say is I'm happy with the few phone calls I make. Yes, sometimes I adjust the volume during a call, but no idea if the Pro1 is to "blame" in those cases, or whether it is my partner's phone. That said, I am probably the wrong person to ask, really. I have accepted the fact that reliability and audio quality in telephony reached its peak around the time of the
  22. What's your experience with call quality on LOS? So far I only had one phone call and the volume was totally ok, none of the extra loudness issues from stock. However as I tried to adjust the volume it did not seem to adjust by much I could hardly hear any difference. Not that it need adjusting though, it was just fine, just wanted to try it out.
  23. Sad to hear. But just to be sure, are you on stock Android or LineageOS? (Some are having charging-issues on Lineage)
  24. Having switched to Lineage OS as my daily driver I quickly noticed a couple of apps still don't support landscape namely: Reddit and Microsoft Teams. Thankfully the "Force landscape when keyboard is open" feature from Fx Service still works great, to my surprise. Congrats to self 😁
  25. As I read what @3zet writes, the point is if you have some software that stops charging when full (to prolong battery life when constantly connected). Charging ought to be accepted again once below a certain threshold.
  26. Yes, looks like your USB-C connection has a hardware problem. Hope you can reach F(x)tec support. Be warned though, it seems they have been rather useless lately. They may also have run out of spare parts. Alternatively maybe you can use someone like @EvilDragon to resolder the USB board.
  27. I have not seen that though my phone is often charged to 100%.
  28. Is anyone else having an issue charging the Pro 1 ? I connect the phone to the supplied charger via the supplied USB-C lead and nothing happens, if I remove the lead, rotate it and reinsert it the phone charges, occasionally. Sometimes it takes several attempts at this procedure to get the phone to charge, then I've noticed that after a while the charge light will go out and the phone will stop charging requiring me to repeat the whole remove, rotate, reinsert procedure until the phone starts charging again. Sometimes the charge light will come on but the Android battery indicat
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