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  2. Don't think I've seen that bug reported for lineage. But then again, if the issue is not specific to the pro1, some lineage developer probably saw and fixed this in lineage before the first pro1 ever rolled off the assembly line.
  3. @Erik @Waxberry any chance to get a fix for this at some point? @tdm was that fixed on LOS? Now that the audio crackling has been fixed surely this should be your number one priority. We are talking about a qwerty phone without a functional spellchecker.
  4. I experienced a lot of reboots since the 202006 update. Today I tried to use OsmAnd for navigation, and my phone lasted no more than a few minutes until it decided to reboot again. Very frustrating ... Unfortunately I was not able to pinpoint the problem 😞
  5. Apparently Ethan Chen[*] has a Pro1 and he's been hacking on it lately. So Nolen and I are going to be massaging the device code to incorporate his changes. Nolen says that Ethan has incorporated a lot of cool stuff to make the device perform better. [*] Who is Ethan Chen? He is arguably the best active Lineage device maintainer out there. I worked with him at Cyanogen, and he is truly a whiz at doing device stuff.
  6. Very low priority, it was just as I understood you changed something on it,
  7. kbe

    Factory Restore Tool

    Just a quick note: It finally worked for me! I just ignored the device for 4 or 5 weeks, supposedly letting the battery drain completely just like suggested above. Then, I held down both volume keys and the power key before inserting a standard USB cable. I let go of the power key after a while and the QUSB__BULK device appeared in the Windows device manager. The flash tool detected the device and flashing a stock firmware image worked on the first try! Thanks to everyone!
  8. Okay I'll look into it when I get a chance.
  9. It is there 🙂 . But It worked on early test-builds, up to and including Test9.
  10. This is a Lineage bug, not specific to pro1. You can file a bug in either my device project so I can track it myself or the official Lineage bug reporting system.
  11. It still got the bug that holding the LiveDisplay icon in notifications fail to launch it. Sure it is a trifle....
  12. Thanks. Given the timing of your message, I don't think you got the latest device tree change (the livedisplay switch). You might want to re-sync and make sure you are up to date with the test20 tag on all three projects.
  13. So here's an unexpected twist. It took me a while to get around to actually packing up the phone to send it, but friday I finally made some time. I figured I'd flash it back to stock before sending it - it was still running the test12 or test13 build. I'm not sure but I don't think this was a requirement per sé as long as it was running android - I figured it be less work for support. Anyhow as I was going to box it up, I thought I'd just check the camera one more time ... and lo and behold it's working again. I took it from the firmware in the guide through all the updates so it sort of looks like it was softbricked and some update brought it back to life.. Flashed test build 19 and it's also working again on LOS Above is my best guess as to why it's working again. I'm obviously really happy with this and don't want to ship it to London otoh I obviously do want some record of this in case it happens again so it'll still be checked out under warranty. I've e-mailed support and will just wait and see what they have to say. 🥳 😕😅
  14. Installed Test20 smoothly, both with and without addonsu root.... 😄
  15. @tdm built and installed. I'll let you know if I see anything amiss and get some avc logs over.
  16. test20 is up. This is pretty much the final code that will be imported into the official Lineage trees unless any issues are found. Changes from test19: * Update kernel to latest code from Qualcomm and IdeaLTE. * Update device blobs and strings to latest stock (2020-06-20). * Switch to standard livedisplay implementation. * Add WiFi MAC address setting from stock.
  17. The past 48 hours or so my phone spontaneously rebooted around 3 times. BUT I also seem to find out that if I use the Debug shortcut (Power + Volume Down) it rebooted my phone as well, so I do wonder if some of the reboots were actually triggered by the hard keys in the pocket and not actually spontaneous. Captured a debug report anyways, not sure if FXtec/IdeaLTE wants to look at it.
  18. Yeah, that's what I was originally asking, sorry I wasn't very clear on that. But I believe I have it figured out. 🙂
  19. Vendor is not part of roomservice, you need to update that manually.
  20. [[device/fxtec/pro1/lineage_pro1.mk]]: "vendor/fxtec/pro1/pro1-vendor.mk" does not exist. I'm going to update my roomservice to move the vendor three to that location. It's currently pointing to vendor/idealte/pro1/ Ahh, I see. New vendor repo.
  21. If you got stock assigned, it's coming. Another week or even two, what does that matter at this point? Be happy. You'll have a great keyboard phone soon. why waste so much energy on whining when you could be happily anticipating. Sheesh, at least wait to see if it's Monday or Tuesday (OMG, one to two days late). If they stopped to do updates for every phone, they wouldn't have time to actually see to it that they get out. They said it is coming. It will. Be excited.
  22. I have received mail on 6th July 2020 stating that "we have now allocated stock to your order, which is due to be shipped on Thursday/Friday this week" but still date no update...even after whole one year..still Fx Tec is not confident about the delivery.....i can understand they face many technical issues like bugs, screen leaks etc, after that production issues but they cant even do.. proper management of orders delivery. Should be done in systematic manner...so what is the point of pre-order.
  23. All the renaming is complete for sure. How is roomservice broken? I may be rebasing the device tree again, but that should not break your roomservice. Likewise with the vendor blobs, though that is less likely. I just finished rebasing the kernel and updating it to the latest code, so that should not change again unless I broke something.
  24. @tdmAre you finished rebasing? If so, do I need to update my roomservice? Right now, it's completely broken for me.
  25. Have you tried asking [email protected], or by using the support form on this site or by asking @Erik? If a mistake was made, they can ferret it out.
  26. My order no is 1812X made payment in August 2019, now order no. 36XXX and 38XXX are getting deliverd can you explain what happened to my order...or ..may be Fx tech started delivery from last order first...may be this the reason all retailers and other orders getting deliverd first..
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