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  3. Where you press is the very same location this wide ribbon cable sits. Which part of the PCB you have taped? Currently I have only found an inside photo of the display assemble here. This is the image. The display itself is very close to this side - the plastic is thin, and it even has some holes and what you see there is the display itself. More correctly, the copper-coloured part is the display where it is sticky, and gray-coloured conductive tape is glued to the part in question, so the ribbon cable is under it. If you smooth that part of the display assembly, you practical
  4. If you see the video I posted earlier, I would agree with that assessment, but then again it doesn't explain why taping the PCB would improve it. It does somewhat make sense though, from the calculator test where that strip started working again, I was using a bit of pressure, so it could have pressed something back into connectivity.
  5. I was thinking of the bracket the LCD is glued to. Maybe it is easier to check when the keyboard is open, so you may press it against the metal back frame ...but it seems it is not moving in your case or at least it is not noticeable.
  6. But this doesn't seem to explain why me taping the black PCB under it improved the issue drastically. I'm day 2 with a 80% functional display. Knock on wood it still hasn't gone nuts.
  7. Not really. But I'll need a bit more clarification before I can answer fully and correctly: when you mean frame, do you mean the bracket where the LCD/Digitizer is glued to, or do you mean that whole LCD/frame assembly to the slider assembly (i.e. the screwed on piece)? Display seems glued on tightly, I don't see , but the display assembly seems to creak a bit when mounted to the slider assembly.
  8. (lineage-18.1-20210419-nightly-pro1-signed.zip on April 5 security patch installed smoothly using adb sideload and MindTheGapps-11.0.0-arm64-20210328_143848 )
  9. It may happen it gets worse when something touches / bends the wide flex cable coming behind the screen at the bottom short edge (top in the photo earlier). What I know is Pro1's top frame was made of plastic while Elephone's top frame is metal. ...but I don't think that is a problem, although I would be more happy if the outer curved part was metal. Also, the bottom part of the frame assembly is metal with fixing screws, I don't think it really moves inside if the glue fixing the display does not loosen. However, if the glue loosens around the screen, especially at the lower sid
  10. PhotonQ: can confirm 4G works (or at least 3.5G, HSPA+, tested in several countries in Europe). Bought mine last August SIM-modded from Korea for 145$. Yes, quite expensive, but the seller gave me an additional mainboard and a 2nd battery for free. Stay away from the Droid4. I had one; although specs are similar its practically unusable nowadays if you install more than a few apps. And stay away from gapps. really decreases performance considerably. If you need PlayStore microG works much better. With more RAM it would be the perfect device, excellent keyboard, optimal form fac
  11. Still have distorted calls - very muffled. I'm on Lineage 18.1 and turning of the 4G calls and WiFi calls seems to have reduced the frequency of the muffling... maybe but it's still happening. :(
  12. Hi Guys Sorry to ask this question as i am confused. I want to order the qi charging adapter, so can someone tell me the one works best with Pro1. If you can maybe post a amazon or ebay link to that one too. Thanks
  13. Well hard for us to guess the frequency, but as this and similar threads are not flooded with hundreds of differnt users reporting the problem, it could hardly be called 'general', but there could be some design of something that is vulnerable. E.g. A cable bend. It could also be a torsion-issue. If the display is sensitive to torsion (twist or bend). A Elephone U as a candybar is likely to be mor rigid than the thin display part of the Pro1. I saw @ToniCipriani reported it working fine with the display loose not mounted on the frame. IF the frame is twisted/bend a bit it could affec
  14. Last week
  15. FWIW... this problem makes Spotify SUPER annoying to use. Casually scrolling through a random play list, random song you tap on plays.
  16. If I remember well, I have only read issues with replaced displays having problems after a short while (not touch related but vertical lines appearing which may also be a cable issue anyway). These are about displays ordered from Ali / Ebay. So that may also be caused by bad quality displays or even not properly replaced ones. I have not found general issues anyway - also I do not know why some of these displays were replaced, so anything other than physical issue (also I read a lot more of Pro1 than Elephone). Moreover, I don't know if we may call it a general issue with Pro1
  17. Oh what a mess! When DPD claims they delivered the parcel to FxTec, and FxTec claims the never got it. It should be DPD that has to provide a receipt from FxTec on them recieving the parcel. If DPD are not able to produce that, it should be their responsibility. If they can produce a receipt then it is FxTec that has the problem.
  18. Has anyone tried to search if the Elephone U / U-Pro expiriences the same problem? If it does, the issue most likely is in the display unit, if not, we can likely free that, and it must be due to Pro1-specifics (connector, pcb, cable bend....),
  19. Anyway, I assume the "pocket dirt" I have found when replaced my original display was at the same part where the display's ribbon is located. It was relatively high amount, so it may happen it could go at the edge of the display, pressing the ribbon cable from top and causing some movement, which finally resulted in loose connection after around 8 months of use.
  20. It may also be a design flaw of the display itself anyway or something which may go below the screen causing some pressure at a wrong place.
  21. This actually explains why sliding your finger on the bottom it might trigger the problem. Now I'm curious if everyone is having the problem at the same exact location, which could indicate a recurring problem caused by a particular flaw in the design.
  22. OK, I've edited the post after reuploading the images to Imgur. Seems like the forum has some problems when you're just copying/pasting an image.
  23. Okay, I have looked at my previous display now. So... if you hold the phone in portrait mode, the problem lies at the bottom of the display. That is the very same position what I had to press in order to work when I had a faulty display (with ghost touches). At that point, there is a wide flex cable coming from display which goes to a flex PCB which has some electronics (one of them should be the touch driver IC) and that flex PCB has that cable what you connect to the phone. The problem definitively seems to be near that wide cable. The location of most possible issues
  24. I am not sure if it already had come to notice here in this forum: There is a funding campaign to have a professionally skilled developer working on Anbox container for Ubuntu Touch: https://gofund.me/acb31504 I think it is worth to be supported. Anbox is kind of a container running an android environment so that native android apps could be run. Of course this could be more convenient than dual boot 😉 Cheers, Ulle
  25. Unfortunately, images above are not really working... Anyway, it may happen something has broke inside the display. I mean the ribbon cable goes inside the display and connects to a glass layer, where it goes through wires on glass layer. If that glass layer breaks somehow, then it may only conduct again if the two parts of glasses are in a good (close to original) position again. Maybe the most easily injured part is the connection of the flex cable itself to the glass layer, so I think the problem is most likely lying there.
  26. YES!!! See attached video file (sorry for the ridiculous video quality ... had to shrink 2min to 2MB ...) I now have Ubuntu Touch via "Slot A" and LineageOS 18.1 via "Slot B". Dual boot procedure takes to get used to: It's not choosing OS during boot, instead it works from fully booted OS and then "OK, reboot into the other OS". The app used for that is "Switch My Slot" , with existing versions for UBports (Ubuntu Touch), Android and Sailfish. Feels like ages ago having such a satisfying moment like seeing this on my Pro1 \o/ Cheers, order#10248 Edit: Video is
  27. In the Netherlands there are organisations where you can file a complaint when there is a dispute and/ or lack of service. My issue lies with both DPD and FxTec. According to DPD NL I should contact FxTec and according to DPD UK, FxTec should take actions. We all know where this is going, and has been going for months now. Asking FxTec for help hasn't resulted in anything apart in a thank you for co-operating (WTF!?). So I tried filing a complaint with DPD UK. Here is where it gets 'funny'. DPD UK still refer to the EU consumer board when you have a dispute. But, since the UK is no longer a me
  28. I am also having problems with the audio being distorted while making a phone call. Pro1 with Android 9
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