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  1. Yesterday
  2. Updated too...it takes long time...play store still, magisk too...all works 🙂
  3. (lineage-19.1-20220523-nightly-pro1-signed.zip on May 5 security patch installed smoothly using adb sideload and MindTheGapps-12.1.0-arm64-20220416_174313)
  4. PS A hint on this. As the service used uses several severs, a simply retry of requesting a recovery is likely to be answered from another IP, that might not be blacklisted.
  5. Others told it does not work beyond LineageOS 17.1
  6. I just follow what the images show i don't read chinese either.
  7. translate.google.com helps, it is not that complicated.
  8. Thank you for posting. The instructions are in Chinese 🙁
  9. I have also tried to keep it that way but it became worn... and not the soldering was the problem but inside the connector itself although I have only charged it once a day. 😞
  10. I suspect that the reason it is completely unresponsive is the damage to the battery cable. Some devices will run without the battery connected, using power exclusively from the cord. This may not be one of them. It may need a bigger hit of power than the cord can supply to get things active initially. It may be possible with careful scraping and soldering to repair that ribbon cable at least enough to confirm that the device does operate when the battery is reconnected. It may leave the ribbon too thick to close the device though. The USB board is likely not the cause of the issue, and the dr
  11. I'm using LOS 17.1 now, and used LOS 16 before, never used stock on this device (saw the Scroogle stuff and noped right into LOS flash before even completing the setup wizard lol) and I have never had this problem. My USB port is healthy, and I'm careful to keep it that way. It helps that the battery life is good enough that I never have to charge it anywhere other than on my desk.
  12. There was discussion back in the early days of sending you a shipping container full of them. :)
  13. Basically kernel is the same as in stock, some kernel modules may be different. So this is probably in higher level, however, I did not have to reboot phone for charging yet.
  14. Now that is good logic for ordering more than one ... 😁
  15. Exactly. And for the first one rebooting the phone resting on the desktop, without touching the plug fixes it so it clearly is NOT related to the physical connection. It is some 'state' it enters, from which the only (known?) exit is a reboot. And we have ONLY had reports on this from those on LineageOS & AICP, not Stock Android, so almost certainly a matter of the kernels handling the hardware differently. It MIGHT be that we would see the same if Stock was offered as 11 or 12. (If i recall correctly this was NOT reported for LineageOS 16 and 17, hence Android 10 most likely OK)
  16. Last week
  17. FWIW I've just had my phone charging from about 30% to 52% on an Anker wall charger then unplugged it to bring it to my desk where I just plugged i the phone again into a significantly less powerful USB port of my PC. The charging LED did't even turn on and of course it stayed at 52%. Earlier I thought the charging LED not turning on was a sign of the software based charging issue having somehow changed, but at least with my device it's (at least mostly) a bad physical connection between charger/PC and battery. Unfortunately, with an USB port that's becoming more and more unre
  18. I don't own the Cosmo Communicator, but I do own its predecessor, the Gemini PDA. The 4G model of the Gemini can be used as a phone, but it's really not designed to be a phone--it has no outer screen and is essentially built around its keyboard. I bought the WiFi-only model of the Gemini PDA knowing that I had no intention to use it as a phone; I always intended to buy the Pro1 / Pro1 X or a device like it to use as an actual phone. To that end, I installed Debian Linux on the Gemini and use it as a full Linunx UMPC. The Gemini is now 5 years old and is definitely showing its age. I
  19. FWIW I've just had my phone charging from about 30% to 52% on an Anker wall charger then unplugged it to bring it to my desk where I just plugged i the phone again into a significantly less powerful USB port of my PC. The charging LED did't even turn on and of course it stayed at 52%.
  20. Me too. Better to have one usable KB phone than three unusable & outdated.
  21. I have ordered one - better to have more than having none of a keyboard phone. 😄
  22. Though I perked for a Pro1X, I doubt that it will be much of an improvement for daily usage, except the more stanardised QWERTY. But I think there is a good chance for more (security) updates on the Pro1X, so that might prolong its life time. As I expect it might be many years before we see a new alternative. On the Cosmo, you should rather have a look at their successor the Astro, it seems an overall improvement. The sliding (like most previous sliders except the Nokias) will require a balanced push to open, but should not posse a serious problem. The larger keys might making typing
  23. I looked on eBay, on a whim, to see if there were any cheap Cosmo Communicators out there.....I liked the idea of a pocket PC, and may come to the point where I can afford to have two nice devices. To my surprise, there were tons of them used, and everyone wanted $750-1100 for them. The manufacturer is selling them new for around $750, and is offering the Kana/QWERTY version for just over $500 right now. This tells me that this is a product that many people tried and regretted, especially since there is exactly ONE Pro1 I could find on eBay, asking nearly $1100. I see Cosmo's main drawback as
  24. I am toying with ordering one of these. Hmm. I still have my Pro1 and have no real objection other than I need to change my screen because the digitizer goes bananas sometimes. I like the improvements in the X, but doubt it will make any real improvement in my life. What to do.....
  25. Strangely, the seemingly irrelevant APN works. When I went somewhere less off-grid, everything came to life. Now to get the screen fixed and all will be well. :)
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