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  2. That's what I say they again never keep their words. Or another example of miss management... Becoz normal order getting delivered but not the pre-orders. Done payment on 8 Aug.
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  4. Hi I also add some Info for statistics No stock assigned yet #194xx ordered: July 5 paid: August 8 county: Germany no coupon QWERTZ
  5. oooh here are both 😄
  6. I do not mean lawnchair, both are nice though 😉 https://f-droid.org/en/packages/com.quaap.launchtime/
  7. yesss...launchtime (edit lunchtime) is awesome....especial in landscape mode 😄 ...you mean lawnchair 😄 😄 😄
  8. launchtime is awesome (also in landscape mode) after some configuring
  9. OK, but still an app that uploads a users files without their consent is committing fraud, right? Companies that do that should be punished. It is certainly true that having the recordings on the device makes data theft possible, but that is true of anything on one's phone. That someone might steal and misuse data doesn't justify banning the private posession and collection of data on events in which you were involved, IMO.
  10. I was thinking the same thing (that it could go in this topic). If any more details are needed, please let me know. Thanks for moving it, @EskeRahn
  11. i must say...that for me is now best lawnchair launcher 🙂
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  13. That clearly sounds like a bug (so moved the comments in here), but COULD be another aspect of the known bug that some links are messed up...
  14. We have had this spread in various threads, but perhaps it would be nice to get it gathered. If you ask me none really work super well. The build in has its benefits, but are quite simple. The big ones like Nova, does not really work well with Landscape nor keyboards. Usable, but not really good. But those being used to a specific third party launcher, that supports landscape, could continue to do so. I just use the stock, as the pros outweighs the caveats of its simplicity to me. ADD: I strongly suggest to change the Android setting under Settings, System, Gestures, "Swipe up on home", to Off, as this works poorly IMHO, requiring a REALLY long swipe, or a double swipe(!) to get to the apps list in portrait. But a matter of taste obviously. The clever thing about the build in launcher is that it divides the desktop in two groups of icons, and then displays these groups side by side or one above the other, so widgets are neither cramped nor stretched on rotation, like almost all other launchers do. The caveat of that is that you can not have a widget crossing the centre of the screen, it must stay within one of the halves.
  15. As far as what I know the only relevant we got recently is this but that was quite pessimistic it seems only expecting stock assigned by the end of next week, and it seems that at the least a fair portion of those have already been emailed today. Earlier batches via warehouse took about two weeks from stock assigned to it arrived on the doorsteps in Europe. You can see some examples browsing in this, Mine took 15 days. Four days between tracking code and delivery to DK.
  16. LOL I should have known! The part about not finding them via search is one thing. But there are those that I can see right there in the search results screen, but when I click on the link to go to the topic, they aren't there.
  17. What are your estimates (speculations) on shipping times to Europe? I asked the support, but they only responded that I received a stock assigned mail.
  18. Here we go again with the accusation, just wind this thread back about 100 pages or so, so we do not need to all repeat ourselves.
  19. What launchers are people using? I'll be coming from Samsung with their launcher so I have absolutely zero experience with launchers in general, or even if they still exist! Any that work well with portrait and landscape mode, has media controls, decent lockscreen etc? Thanks.
  20. 1: Yes - at the least I can not imagine it 2: Clearly possible for the lower part. A bumper for the Huwei P20 Pro would be a good one to modify 3: The problem is that there is very little to grap on the top part, and the screen active almost all the way, so I highly doubt we will find anything 'standard' or generic that will fit.
  21. Its not a new thing, From the day one they were not keeping their words.
  22. No that is just me hating you and using the moderator power to delete your posts.... 😈 .... Actually I had some too I could not find, but ended thinking I could not find the proper keywords to find them. But there could be something that was lost in the conversion to the new forum. I doubt they ever got all the missing images and incorrect links straightened out, so there could be other bugs too. You might be able to find it here, there are various filters available. https://community.fxtec.com/discover/content-posted/ If that is not a moderator only thing.
  23. OK. Now with "Pro 1 is coming", I began thinking about protection for the phone. Until now I see "P20 Pro cases" are the best known solution, with flipcases for a little protection for the screen part. 1. A case like the slide-out hardshell of the Priv is impossible because the Pro 1 does not slide straight - correct? 2. But what is about a simple bumper "frame" like the Moto Z (the first one) has been deliverd with? Together with a simple PU-Case for the keyboard-part such a bumper could protect the display, when dropping the Pro 1. The main problem could be, that this frame has to be very slim between the keyboard and the display, maybe with this you could solve the "touch the screen while using number-row on the keyboard"-problem for some users. 3. Another idea for the screen-part: Did anyone already test such a universal bumper?
  24. david

    Spare Parts

    Did you have a reason for disassembling a Pro1, or did you do it just to see how to do it? :-)
  25. Well, from the insulation standpoint, that's important too. We want to keep all that heat in while fast charging the heck out of the battery, right? :-) But better than a broken screen. :-) I'm just thankful people have gone down this path, so we have some options. I don't have a 3D printer, but I was considering using this as an excuse to get one. I asked a *long* time ago if they could release the dimensions of the phone for this purpose. Glad other people are making this a reality. Speaking of my old posts, I can see them when I search, but when I go to the topic in question, the posts don't exist anymore. And some things that I know I posted aren't even showing up in searches. There must be some gremlins at work. :-/
  26. The API allows enumerating every single order number so to reach 150, I counted the 149 valid pre-order numbers before my order 5400. The pre-order numbers don't follow any numerical pattern that I've been able to determine. Some are only a few apart, some are hundreds apart. The divide by 3 is to determine an estimate of actual paid orders from pre-orders. It's well documented that ecommerce can normally expect 1 in 6 items placed in cart (even in single item storefronts) to result in a sale, but I'm assuming that this very special item did better than that. I don't know, the 3 is an intuitive guess and nothing more. So, yes I'm guessing my order is actually the 50th paid order.
  27. Without getting into the actual numbers for the highest order number, how does 5400 relate to 150 if you are taking every 3rd order number? 5400/3 = 1800. Or, is there really a mapping from order number to number of orders placed, and you are saying that you'll take the highest order placed and divide that by 3 to guess at the total number of paid orders? In other words, then your 150th order placed might be the 50th paid order?
  28. No no, you need the micro air pockets in your floors not walls... 😇🤣 The problem I see with a case for the top is that the 'arms' at the sides are going to be either so thick that they will be annoying, or so thin they could be flapsy and will be vulnerable, Of course if we combine it with some software reducing the active display area (display and touch), then the sides can be made more sturdy. But a transparent silicone 'top' can follow the edge screen smoothly. But yes it obviously has its drawbacks too.
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