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  2. ...and what is bad with your mobo?
  3. Never tried YouTube on the Pro1X so had to enable it first, the apps does not seem to work that well, so did not try different keyboard-drivers, just killed the app... But launching Yotube in FF it does respect Esc to exit full screen mode - so just a poor aspect of the app I guess,
  4. That doesn't seem to work. Does it work on your Pro1X?
  5. It could also be contacts for a I²C bus...
  6. Hi. I'm looking for a live Pro1 (QX1000) system board. Perhaps someone has a phone with a broken screen or a damaged case for sale. Please contact in DM.
  7. Personally I have been using "Open Camera" since about day one - and it is doing a great job - less HDR.
  8. Have you tried the Esc key? That works on a PC. (obviously the active keyboard driver could tease here, not actually sending 001Bh)
  9. Well 5.99" and 2160x1080, gives 5.36" x 2.68", so 2160/5.36 = 403DPI
  10. I have here two spare battery for the Pro1 (not x of course). I need only one, and I plan to replace it in this summer. EDIT : sold ***So if someone is interested in a spare battery, I would be happy to sold it for 50 euros and I can send it in EU or Switzerland. ...*** @SchattengestaIt Also if you need some measurement or test on it let me know, I doubt I can dig in internal regulation without break it, but it could be (carefully) doable with the old battery as far as I've replaced it. I guess the regulation circuit is (relative) standard, and will be fun digging into small chipset a
  11. Last week
  12. I can only guess at this point. The best case scenario would be an error in the capacity (I've seen that before). If it expects a different thermal resistor, it wouldn't charge. But I really don't know. Maybe there's a failsafe mechanism that allows usage with a standard protocol (like only charge with up to 0.5A to prevent overheating). At the point where I exchange the battery I'll do some measurements to see how big of a difference those resistors are compared to other batteries...
  13. That's possible. Hard to know if the curve of the cable is the same or opposite, based on that one photo.
  14. Doh! So was mine. A typo, sorry. Corrected now. Less dependence of the FN key for normal use, adds some number of third layer characters depending of which keymap you use. The term "Keyboard mapper" implies that Finqwerty is doing something actively. It isn't. It merely supplies additional key maps that it makes visible to Android. https://android.onse.fi/finqwerty/#pro1x
  15. The polarity on that one seems to be inverted with respect to the Pro1-X's ribbon cable (compare the labels P+/P- with those from @Whitey's picture). Everyone, be sure to always connect your charger in the right way ("+ to +, - to -"). Otherwise bad things may happen.
  16. How did you get Android 13? Mine is on Android 11. I know it is a keyboard mapper, but what are you remapping that isn't set up how you like it with the defaults?
  17. Then, no, I'm not old. Just ask Mrs. Hook 😄
  18. No, no documentation, but to be honest, I don't think there are many. Stock Android 11 on the Pro1x actually is pretty nice and runs very smoothly. If you add Finqwerty (particularly the corrected one Rob S made available), it's really nice keyboard experience. LOS doesn't fix many things... if you are having problems with LTE and cell signal in stock, you will probably still have them in LOS. You get some additional features, you get a great reduction in bloat if you don't use a lot of google apps, the keyboard mapping works fine without Finqwerty, and you get up-to-date Android secur
  19. I apologize if this has been mentioned in this topic, but is there any documentation showing bugs that we might see in the Pro1X on Android that we won't see on the Pro1X with LineageOS?
  20. On my Pro1, I am used to keeping my keyboard open, even when I'm not typing. With the YouTube app, I can switch back and forth between full screen mode (landscape) and exit full screen mode (portrait), by using the icon in the lower right corner of the part of the screen. This allows me to get to the rest of the stuff under the video that shows in portrait mode (share, comments, description, etc.). I simply rotate the phone, with the keyboard open, to access those areas. On the Pro1X, the exit full screen icon doesn't work. Anyone have any ideas if this is a YouTube app issu
  21. You're only as old as you feel. 😉
  22. I've been using a gcam port on my Pro1 for years. Should I still use that on the Pro1X, or is there something better? The stock camera app interface on the Pro1X isn't to my liking. I haven't done a lot of testing on picture quality with it.
  23. I guess I was hoping things were pretty standardized. What happens if the resisters are different? Will it not provide power to the phone, not charge, or something else?
  24. hi, After few reaserch on internet i ve found somes things but i'm not good at linux or android. I have lineageOS and root enabled Connect the phone to a PC with ADB and android USB driver installed in a linux terminal or windows Shell use "adb shell" and "getevent" and next, press the fingerprint sensor for me it's look like that : > adb shell QX1050:/ $ getevent add device 1: /dev/input/event6 name: "bengal-idp-snd-card Button Jack" add device 2: /dev/input/event5 name: "bengal-idp-snd-card Headset Jack" add device 3: /dev/input/event1 name:
  25. Some other candidates: VIVO B-N8 XlAOMl BM4E M1805E10A, Poco F1 Armoured Edition Globa, Poco F1 Armoured Edition Globa, Pocophone Poco F1: Infinix Smart, X5010: 9 Pro, M2003J6B1I, M2003J6B2G, 9 Pro Max: David
  26. I took another look at this. They both have the same arrangement of Dash-Dot-Dot-Dash, for the connector contacts, on the battery cable end, but the dashes seem longer for the OPPO R17 than what is shown in @Whitey's photo. It may still work, but I'm wondering if there is another, similar connector, with the dashes being shorter. If anyone wants to send me a Pro1X battery, I'd be happy to figure it out.
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