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  2. After 13 months we're very likely at a stage where the phones are sold from stock and also have other retailers available. For example, the DragonBox Shop, based in Germany, is already taking additional pre-orders. That would be one option for EU customers to avoid importing if Brexit happens. Nothing to really worry about at this stage indeed.
  3. First, thanks for trying! Normally TWRP asks to mount partitions rw on start. This version does not ask ? Have you tried @netman's suggestion to complete initial setup first? On "normal" phones this is always done to enable bootloader unlocking in settings.
  4. I think you were replying to the wrong comment *LOL*. But the charging while off issue seems to be for any source, including PC-data connection.
  5. Could it be you have to complete the initial setup for twrp to get in to the system without password?
  6. So I'm essentially stuck now. I reflashed everything to factory (the long list of commands), then I did the first boot. I didn't complete setup. I rebooted to check it did a clean boot and got the initial setup again. Next, I flashed TWRP and rebooted. It immediately asked me for a password to continue. "To start Android, enter your password". What? I did some looking around and other people got this after flashing TWRP and listed some default passwords. "password" and "default_password", neither worked. Someone said to run the command "fastboot format userdata" which I did, and it results with an endless boot again. There is a problem with TWRP and when I'm inside it I can't do things like mount /data or /data/system, so I can't get inside there to try and remove the password files. So I believe the bug is with TWRP right now. Any suggestions?
  7. I have the same issue with an Anker power supply max. 2.4A per port (Anker 24W 2-Port USB)
  8. For Scandinavian languages this is fixed by FinQWERTY (among other improvements)
  9. Today
  10. Yeah. Since I am not going to play on this phone for the most part, I am not interested in Windows on anything at all (gaming is the only reason I am keeping Windows on my desktop altogether). So if I went ahead and worked on something, it wouldn't be Windows for sure - no matter how well Office works (I prefer MS Office to any other office suite). But I certainly wouldn't mind if someone made it happen and usable. Then again x32 applications run rather slowly on ARM and x64 don't run on Windows 10 for ARM at all (though I believe MS is working on it). But I certainly would be interested in a HDMI-via-USB-C-out.
  11. You'd only have to pay customs if the delivery is delayed for 13 more months, and maybe not even in that case. It's a condition of the Withdrawal Agreement that Brexit (if it goes ahead) will initially consist of a 'transition period' lasting until at least the end of December 2020, and that during the 'transition period' the UK will effectively still be in the EU's Customs Union = no customs charges or VAT. After 13 months, who knows?
  12. ^ also i think this would probably work
  13. If that happens again I will try it, otherwise I can't because it stopped booting now. I will post with what happens next.
  14. Ended up being my Galaxy Watch disliking the PXC 550 being paired, after I disconnected it I could pair. New problem: AMD Link doesn't give me any sound, nor does the PXC 550 with playing Youtube/this.
  15. You could try this if not already factory reset https://forum.xda-developers.com/htc-10/how-to/guide-fix-pin-pattern-password-t3538438 edit: also delete the files password.key and pattern.key if they exist edit2:
  16. So i gave this a try, and it doesn't seem to work. Here's what happened. I flashed TWRP, this worked fine I then flashed Magisk zip file which worked too Upon booting up I am asked for my pin, but my pin is WRONG every time. I know I am putting the right one, it worked when I turned it on! I go back to TWRP and think ok I will do a factory reset, this fails, and I think it wiped the OS too because I'm stuck on an endless boot I am going to follow the post for returning to factory, then I will do something different: I won't set any pin or fingerprint and see what happens.
  17. Did someone say general availability before christmas?
  18. Capslock behaviour is different tho. Under capslock, all letters are capitlozed until you turn it off, and it doesnt affect characters with a shift function, still have to shift to get them even under capslock. A sticky modifer just acts like it stuck until the next SINGLE keypress, and affects everything, not just capitols. I assume the reason sticky shift isnt working for number symbols on pro1 is cuz regular shift isnt working either, nothing related to sticky.
  19. Well not really as it is mounted on something, and I do not want to remove it from that until I one day might want to use it. The combined thing feels stiff, but I have no idea if it is a thick protector with a paper thin adhesive protection, or a thin film on a piece of 'cardboard'. So Better ask one of those that has applied it.
  20. Nope, never let it drain so deep that it turned itself off. But purely academicaly, there is an 'issue' if you only have a very poor power source (much less than a pc USB port) offering less power than the Pro1 uses booting. But It should be fixable by using the supplied QC3 adapter that has 18W output, and there is not a chance in H.. that it will use that much during boot - so a VERY academic 'issue'.
  21. Yeah, I just meant whether you could tell from feeling the plastic whether it looks better or worse for protection and for clarity.
  22. Well frankly I just applied the one I knew worked immediately, before doing any examination of the one provided. Applied it before even touching the screen...
  23. The large majority of open source and community developers would prefer to use an open source and community-driven operating system.
  24. Yeah there is something fishy there.
  25. Have you tried plugging it in when the battery is at 0%? Does it allow it to start, or does it use so much power on starting that it sucks the battery down and you get stuck in a loop? This could be exacerbated by plugging it into a slower charger (like a USB port on a computer).
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