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  2. Ya seems like noise cancelling is trying too hard.
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  4. Yes I recorded a small concert like I often do (hey I like to keep memories lol, only indie shows of music I listen to at home) and the focus wasn't incredible for starters, although that improved since switching camera app. So visually I have no complaints, but the audio recording has been poor across the board, even with a consistent sound it seems to want to keep switching the sensitivity up and down so that it drops in and out. As if it's trying too hard to tune in to a voice or something and just turning off all noise. And on speakerphone I often get people complaining so I switch to handheld.
  5. Don't you worry Americans are spying on you too, they will just find a way to make it legal 😁 Joking aside, I got it, closed source is bad especially for niche, community driven products like those.
  6. With ebay itm links you can just change the domain to your preferred local one. I expect to swap .co.uk wih .ie before new year. Unless the current situation further delays brexit. Not all work equally wel on all variants though. The Irish one seems to not offer the basket option the same way the UK one does - minor detail though.
  7. MediaTek doesn't release any open source code. So custom roms like Lineage etc. are very difficult to make. So you are stuck with stock. And further, given that it's all closed source Chinese code, I'm not going to take any chance that it's spying on me.
  8. Thanks. I ordered a couple from the USA site. Free shipping, but coming from China, so will take a month. For anyone else interested, I picked P20 Pro from the list: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Shockproof-Crystal-Clear-Soft-Silicone-Bumper-Case-Cover-For-Huawei-P30-Pro-Lite-/254181243108
  9. Great job!! I think a lot of us are hoping for someting like this, to protect the top and bottom of the phone. As mentioned, a soft case would be great for absorbing shocks.
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  11. This is exactly the kind of case I've been waiting for! This type of case is superior to those flappy book style ones in that it still protects the edges, corners and to an extent the screen while allowing you to actually see and use the screen without having to open a flap each time. Can't wait to see the final version. Then I just need to find somewhere that can print me a few TPU prints of it...
  12. Hey guys. Just wanted share the case I printed out for my wife. She wanted a functional opening case that would protect her phone and won't fly off when it opens. After many attempts I was able to get it to work. I'm probably going to modify it some more and tweak my print settings to make it a lot nicer and possible do some post print finishing.
  13. @tdm Thank you for whatever you can do whenever you can do it. Right now, the number one priority is taking care of yourself and your family. Bless you for all you have already done! Cheers!
  14. Hey all, it's been a while since I've been here so I wanted to pop in and give an update. I live in Seattle, which has been under stay-at-home orders for over two weeks and will continue until at least the end of this month. I have a wife and 4 boys at home, and we are all healthy. But it is difficult to get any work done between the constant interruptions. In addition, I have been given a new project at work that will take a week or two to complete. So I'm afraid that I won't have much of any time to work on the Pro1 until at least the middle of April, but more likely the start of May. But rest assured I will continue to work on it when things get closer to normal again. Stay safe and healthy out there!
  15. I use Firefox on the Pro 1. I do like it, but I mostly use it because it syncs with my desktop and two laptops (Windows and Linux) that all use Firefox, my preferred computer browser.
  16. Based on some models and ideas presented in this thread, I made a new leather flip case for this phone. Each side is reinforced with thin plate of fiberglass. The phone is tied to the cover with 2 pieces of rubber. There is 4 small magnets to keep the cover properly closed.
  17. Yes it should but some development is needed. I guess you would notably need to check if you are in a phone call to avoid locking the phone while calling for instance. It's usually straight forward and more reliable that the proximity sensor.
  18. I've definitely felt the issues coming from a Galaxy Note 8 where it worked flawlessly. I use both an Echo dot "alexa" and a taotronics device (turns my 3.5mm headphones into Bluetooth ones) and I get issues very often -- devices are not able to connect, especially *after* previously connecting and disconnecting to the devices. Going to the Bluetooth settings and manually clicking to connect to the devices does nothing. What I've found that works a lot of the time is toggling the Bluetooth on the Pro1 off and on again. This usually restores functionality, and it can connect again. But of course, it's mega awkward -- now rather than just being able to turn the Bluetooth devices on / ask alexa to connect, I also need to fiddle with the phone. On the other hand, I do have a Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro smartwatch, and that one works flawlessly on the Pro1.
  19. Would it be possible to use the proximity sensor instead of the magnetic one? I made a flip case and I would like to avoid to insert a magnet.
  20. Firefox. I use the extension "User-Agent Switcher and Manager" to see the desktop versions of websites by default. These tend to work great on the Pro1! It's a much nicer experience than the "mobile web".
  21. If the screen is scrolling while shutting the keyboard, this seems to be factor as well
  22. Took the liberty to move your post quoting the letter to the locked thread here.
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