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  2. Very happy to hear the good news :)
  3. Update to December 1, with November 5 security patch using OTA went smoothly. Known keyboard bug still there (see lineage thread) (The stage after download and install called "Finalising package installation" is surprising slow though - like it is on LineageOS)
  4. I'm not sure you can on stock Android. (At the least it might require root). Could be easier on Lineage, and is easy on AICP though.... (see also this old thread - think I will merge the two)
  5. Hmm doesn't seem to work for me. I got no Fxservice installed and all the other settings are set accordingly. And it all used to work until like late August or something. Strange.. Edit: I found it! KDEconnect was the culprit! Sadly it is one of my most used apps, so I have now to fiddle around with it to make my phone and my Linux machine keep communicating nicely with each other in the future
  6. By uninstalling Fxservice. But basically it is enough if you turn off accessibility services. Maybe you have some other apps using them? Or another possible cause: Under Settings>System>Language and Input>Language you can set the system language. But there is a seperate option under Settings>System>Language and Input>Physical Keyboard>Builtin Keyboard, that manages the keyboard outputs. It has to be set to German for the outputs to match the print of the QWERTZ model.
  7. (I made a skeleton for such a gui for a pc, but never finished it, has posted it somewhere in here - forgot where though.) FxtecKeyboardSetup.zip
  8. Yesterday
  9. I think adb push would be an option for that but it may also need adb root - I don't really know. Also, it is a good question if sideloading a .zip file containing the appropriate keymap file will work - I have no experience regarding this but it may worth a try...
  10. Right, pick up of a file is the simplest but working solution, a full-featured GUI is a more complicated but much better solution. A custom keymap generator is a very good idea, especially if it also has an import/export function, that would be the non plus ultra. 🙂 Also you are right about the different QWERTY variation Pro1-X will have. Although it could be differentiated based on device names (Pro1 and Pro1-X), it is really a much better solution if related codes of these devices could be the same, so if there is a GUI generator where user may pick the real physical keymap (s)he ha
  11. As of now I didn't root the phone. So it seems like I have to do it with adb. Is there a package to sideload for that or how would I best tackle the problem?
  12. Yes it sounds exactly like your previous problem! ü = " [ " "ö = " ; " "ä =" ' " How did you fix it? It
  13. I'm hoping to improve the existing Settings app as part of the changes to support the Pro1X. An option to install a custom keymap from within Settings seems like a good idea, and I want to add support for a full custom keymap generator app in the driver. This would include a way to ask the driver what default keymaps are supported, and what keys are in each map (i.e. what is printed on each key). Since the default QWERTY map on the Pro1X will be different from the Pro1, the standard keyboard layout names aren't sufficient specify the correct 'default' keymap.
  14. It will be on January, in the current prediction... We are getting close.... Maybe I can get mine on February
  15. Splitting sticks we got 16 updates the last twelve months, but granted five of those was in December. Let us hope we get more than one update this December too 🙂
  16. Someone's working late! Now, what phone do I get...
  17. For completeness 🙂 : So there we go – January at the earliest, more probably February.
  18. November update is here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/pro1-x-smartphone-functionality-choice-control/x/17980121#/updates/all
  19. The update is here, just making November. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/pro1-x-smartphone-functionality-choice-control/x/17980121#/updates/all
  20. There are many ways to interpret "once a month" but none of them allow for not posting anything with a November date and the final business day is now over in the UK. Do I need to buy a phone to talk to anyone over Christmas or don't I? They can silently change the perk delivery dates to January and that would be update enough for me, but they still say October. And people are still buying them 😕
  21. The margin fixed it - wow this is so much better! I put some self adhesive 20mm epdm foam on the back of the device. The primary intention was that it stands upright for filming but it actually handles a lot better too. Good thing i don't plan on putting it in jeans pockets.
  22. Theoretically, the driver was designed in a way it should reflect the written texts of the QWERTZ unit (also for non-standard places), so I would think it should basically work out of the box when you also select German layout in Android. However, to activate custom keymap function of GUI, you should place your custom keymap file here: /data/system/keyboard/keymap It has a format of 0:0000:0000 1:0024:1024 2:0031:1032 ...etc... The first part is the physical position of a key (reflect to physical wiring), the second part is the normal function of it and the third part is
  23. What symbols do you get, if you try to type the Umlauts? I had the problem, that I had Fxservice installed on LineageOS 18.1, which triggered the bug with accessibilty services and prevented the German layout to be used. So instead I was getting [ and similar symbols instead. Could that be your problem?
  24. I'm pretty sure that is exactly it. I have not tried installing, but I believe they have described it in the Lineage 18 thread. Selecting (e.g.) German, without installing anything, you CAN get umlaut with Alt+U followed by a vowel, e.g. U. Not super elegant, but possible. I'm not sure if there are ways to get them more directly, Sym and Alt does the same here. Similar for other accents with I and E ( plus ~ on a physical shifted qwertY keyboard)
  25. Installing the image from https://download.lineage.microg.org/pro1/ is a breeze (if you're used to side loading through adb that is), and 'just works'. Some tips&tricks: In case you're not aware it does not come with Google Play (for people expecting that), but installing the Aurora Store through F-Droid is easy, and 'just works' works as well. Yes, you could also side-load apps after downloading with APK Downloader, but some apps don't work the same in that case (don't ask me why that is...). You could always try that first though, although Aurora utilizes anonymous sessi
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