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  2. The real bummer is still their lacking backbone. If they would have clearly stated, that because of the change of chipset, they can't keep their promise, I think most people would understand. But now all we heard is "look, we are making progress", which surely makes some people angry.
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  4. https://devices.ubuntu-touch.io/ the Phones tab: A UT forum is likely to be able to tell which. Googling suggested this: https://9to5linux.com/volla-phone-will-be-shipping-with-ubuntu-touch-pre-installed
  5. Your tone has implied otherwise in other places. But I would gladly accept suggestions. Could you please point me to a "better deal" running UT out of the box? Actually, neither of you gave me this impression, so there is nothing to forgive for my part.
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  7. Semicolon to the right of L sounds like standard qwerty layout to me. If using US layout, I would expect shift + slash to give me a question mark.
  8. Of course there are no 'wrong' reasons for buying (or not buying) a device. But if the Keyboard is of little interest, people could almost certainly get a better deal elsewhere.
  9. here is a review of someone who has ordered both the fx pro 1 and pro 1 x last couple of years the phone has been holding up very well if u would go and look at both phones they look like brand new , and still have the original screen protector on them the software is something that is a hands on experience batery life is as good as the day i ordered it if u are looking for a phone that wil stand the test of time go with the pro 1 or pro 1 x however ofc dispite all the positive there is also 1 negative the phones actualy need to be delivered 🤣
  10. If I gave the impression, I apologise, that's not what I think, they're perfectly valid reasons. I'm also sure that most if not all of the people here would agree, no matter how much they prioritised the keyboard in the argument going on. That said, the hardware is what it is, but regarding the software we only see the current state. There's no proper Ubuntu Touch / Sailfish OS / LineageOS support now, due to the hardware changes, and the phone didn't come with the ordered operating systems preinstalled. That's a bummer for sure, but not the end of the world as of yet, as there's developm
  11. Your reasons were not wrong, quite the opposite in my opinion. End of 2020, the original Pro1 was fully developed, had been shipped in significant numbers already, and could be ordered normally from the F(x)tec website. At that point, the sole reason for the Pro1-X IGG campaign (as I see it) was to generate additional funds so F(x)tec could actively push the development of alternative OS's for the Pro1. This is what you supported through your backing. However, after realising they could not source the SD835 SoC anymore, F(x)tec had to repurpose that funding toward development of
  12. I don't think anyone here dismisses the alternate OSs as being important, and they are coming. But there are two simple facts that the review needed to point out so at least people know why those OSs are not yet available. First, the Pro1x had been planned as a Pro1 with more memory and thus the alternative OSs already existed. This was disrupted when they were not supplied with SD 835 chips they had paid for and they couldn't source them from elsewhere. Hence the SOC change. Second, because of the changed SOC, the work on alternative OSs could only begin once there were test devices availa
  13. I am sorry if I have awoken the feeling that the OS thing was/is a wrong reason to back the phone. Not at all. I just stated that about wanting a High-End-Performance phone. I was saying you have to buy it for the keyboard, but just because I have forgotten that you were able to choose the OS on ordering. Of course this could be another reason for the support. I really appreciate your input. I can understand anyone wanting to run ubports being disappointed. It is the risk of crowdfunding though. But yeah, it is a big missing part!
  14. Thank you! Finally someone that does acknowledge that the keyboard is not "The only reason people back/buy this phone". I backed it mainly for the alleged Linux support and the convergence feature and the fact that "as a bonus, it has a physical keyboard, which will come in handy". These reasons for backing this phone got shot down by some people in here as being "the wrong reasons", sadly. Since backing this, I have moved on, and now both me and my significant other are on alternative OS:es, on other phones that actually work really well, so I am basically just waiting for my Pro1 X
  15. Oh i think the misunderstanding here is, that we (or at least I, can't speak for the other) are not criticizing his opinion, but his review, which does not clearly state things and has some wrong information in it. I can understand everybody stating a text like you did above. Not only understanding it, I do even agree. I mean it is easy for me to be less angry, since I did not order the IGG phone. So no bad blood against anyone being disappointed. Also I don't like to think about forgiving or not. Fanboys forgive. I am just realistic. The smartphone market is a broken shithole controlled
  16. Actually... Given what I know, the Pro¹-x is the good phone here 😁. With the setup I have now, it lasts me for 3-4 days with about 6h of screen on per day (accumulated). My best friend's phone lasted 2-3 days and, after 1 year, only lasts 1 day (still too check how long mine's last after 1 year of use). The phone was bought for almost 300€ less than how much I paid. I think it's a samsung galaxy A22. It has half the storage size (I backed for the 256GB version). For me, the Pro¹-X is great! It runs fast, it's very responsive, navigation in the menus is always smooth, apps instal
  17. Yes, the headline is certainly click-bait to some extent. I think the author is just very serious about the "alternative OS" aspect of the phone, and -- as I tried to lay out above -- this was ineed the central promise made about the Pro1-X (unless I'm mistaken, the "X" initially stood for "XDA"). Anyone still remember: "the smartphone that gives you control. Control over your data, control over your privacy, and choice over your software."? In a nutshell, the review says the following: Pro1-X backers were told they invest in a slightly upgraded Pro1 with much better (official!) Goog
  18. Yup, got LOS 19 on the pre-production unit, and it is not bad at all..
  19. And if `unmitigated disaster` matches 5 of 10, I wonder what he would call 4 of 10?... And as I added after you read the initial text, it is absolutely fair that he point out the missing OS.
  20. Thanks for hanging in there so long. Very disappointing, but Lineage 19 is okay, just underfeatured. 😉
  21. Flashed aicp_pro1_s-17.1-WEEKLY-20221005.zip on security update 2022-03-05 Still initial boot-loop after flash, And still completely confused! Despite the outer file signals aicp-S and 17.1, the inner version is aicp 16.1 and tells it is Android 11??? So time to give up on AICP on Pro1 I guess!!! ...when I find the time this test-device will likely get Sailfish again...
  22. Well to be fair, the alternate OSes where kind of "promised" (as far as promising goes in a crowdfunding). But yeah I agree. Him stating the availability of the pro1 should have made alternate OSes done does show incompetence in this topic. My bigger point with the review is, that the text does not really match the verdict. He only points out the missing HDMI-over-USB-C and the missing OSes but calls the phone an `unmitigated disaster`. Which leaves the taste of a personal disappointment with the reader. It seems that these two points where main selling points FOR HIM. Which is totally o
  23. I agree to some extent, and also that the 5 of 10 is not unreasonable, but how does that match the "Avoid"? A more sober conclusion could have been that the initial version of the Pro1X has several issues. So unless a potential new buyer find the keyboard so important that they can live with these. they should consider to await an updated OS, and/or availability of alternative OS. But the whining on why the alternative OS is not available yet, Well it is either a matter of deliberate ill will, or he does simply not know what he is talking about - I hope the second... And that he just hav
  24. It took Francisco two months to reply. You might imagine without any follow up, his answer does not make a big difference. Now I have sent a message to Casey in this system. It has been four days since.
  25. ##- Please type your reply above this line -## Your request (14084) has been updated. To add additional comments, reply to this email. Support Team (FX Technology Limited) 22 Jun 2022, 12:09 BST Allow me to confirm with the Finance Team. Francisco Feel free to let us know if there's anything else we can help you with. Kind regards, F(x)tec Support
  26. Disregarding the tone of the OP, I find the review this thread refers to actually kind of OK. Obviously, the article does not go into much technical detail. But then, those who follow this forum every day would probably find any level of detail insufficient, and I think the author does a decent job in summarising the state of the Pro1-X project for outsiders. Of course, we, having followed all the developments of the last years, understand why the Pro1-X eventually became a different phone. But why should a reviewer care about that? All he does is compare the phone that is actually d
  27. Okay now you have got me. This starts to become funny ... That is what you got nowadays if you try to show a person in a good will, how he should properly argument 😄
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  29. The fact that they didn't already fold two years ago (and nobody could have blamed them for that), or at the latest when they didn't get the SD835 chips which they were supposed to get for the Pro1 X, with us getting neither a phone nor our money back, is nothing short of a miracle – and, if anything, proof of their commitment to what they try to do, as lacking as both product and support still are in many ways. If your friend really doesn't get to like her Pro1 X, which no one here will blame her for, she still will be able to sell it for more than she paid, as @EskeRahn said. Prices ab
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