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  2. This one may not be the best option (unless the unavailability of pure screen) because it includes the metal frame for Elephone what means you should detach the screen prior installing it in Pro1. Anyway, it is possible but you should be gentle and some heat will be needed - the best is a heat gun running at low temperature (around 100-150 Celsius degree applying from distance) and relatively low air flow. The Elephone U Pro screen what I had was glued to a metal frame using a big surface so it is harder to remove uninjured than a Pro1 screen which was (at least initially) only glued
  3. Can anyone tell me if this version has PPTP enabled. I am considering to upgrade from my old lineage 18.1 build as it is signed with a test key and have some play device integrity issue...
  4. Yes, they are reliable for delivery. Not great on after purchase support like OS updates and such, but they will deliver your phone. That's what I'd say, too, after a few months with the Titan Slim. Also, for what it is, it worked well enough. If you were happy with the Key2, you might also be good with the SIlm, even though it's much more plasticky than what I've seen from BlackBerry. (In the end, I found both the portrait mode keyboard and the screen too small for my tastes, which made me try the 5+ times more expensive Honor Magic V2 foldable phone, which seems to do it for me, e
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  6. Yes, they are reliable for delivery. Not great on after purchase support like OS updates and such, but they will deliver your phone.
  7. Not I... and this evening my long-suffering Key2 appears finally to have given up the ghost: the keyboard has died!! I've just ordered a Unihertz Titan Slim from Unihertz's own online shop - I do hope they are reliable (does anybody know??). My Pro1X (I was a backer) is now just a source of conceptual comedy, though naturally I am quite a large sum of money out of pocket. If I ever see it (which seems vanishingly unlikely) I'll be putting it straight onto E-bay or the like, as it would be a complete irrelevance... But I'm sure that is an entirely hypothetical scenario!
  8. adb is not supported on the bootloader level. Use fastboot. Step-by-step guides on flashing back to stock are found here: Disclaimer: I have not tested those instructions myself.
  9. There is no finance team. Hundreds of people are waiting for refund. If you want to put in the effort, take it to court 🙂
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  11. I was trying to install lineage OS and it failed, now i just want to reinstall the stock android, my boots up and shows the attached screen. When I run adb devices it does not appear. How can I resolve my issue?
  12. I just came here to share my report of replacing a screen assembly. After replacing, I now have a working screen. Two corners of the screen exhibit the black corner problem that is common with these replacement screens. These black corners are not intrusive and don't hinder normal use. Since most of the Aliexpress links in all the threads have rotted, here's a new one: For F(x)tec Pro1 QX1000 LCD Display Touch Screen Sensor Digiziter Assembly Replace F(x)tec Pro 1 LCD Touch. I bought that whole assembly part instead of just a screen + digitizer, as my plastic screen frame had cracked a bi
  13. I am Canceling my order- #64914 Aug 30, 22. No refund yet. After repeated messages requesting REFUND! Hi Michael, Sorry to hear that and see you go! Allow me to pass the details to the finance team. Best Regards, Francisco Feel free to let us know if there's anything else we can help you with. 30 Apr 2024, 09:57 BST Hi, Thank you for your patience. The finance team is still processing your request. Best Regards, Francisco Feel free to let us know if there's anything else we can help you with.
  14. Lineage-21-20240527-NIGHTLY-pro1x with May 5th security patch installed smoothly via OTA. MindTheGapps14, and root was maintained.
  15. Circling back to this thread in case it comes up in a search... for now, at least, this seems to have been fixed/solved and if I log out, I can still see the full forum. Thanks to @Rob. S. for catching that this had changed.
  16. I just tested it, and, yes, it appears to have been fixed.
  17. Is it just my browser, or has the forum become public again? For some reason, my default browser had lost all its cookies, which logged me out of all websites, but https://community.fxtec.com right now showed me the complete original start page with all the latest "topics" before I logged in again.
  18. I don't think, F(x)tec is not open about such information and I am unsure if they even have that code... However, the process is not complicated. I have tried to reach the hardware from Linux environment on Pro1 but direct access did not work that way (or I have not fond out how to completely release touch device under Android). That would be possible but an appropriate connector of the display would be needed and the exact location of VCC, GND and I2C (SDA and SCL) lines should be wired out... then a microcontroller or microcomputer could also be used to do the configuration.
  19. That would explain it. My guess is when I migrated from my pro to my pro1x, the settings for quickstep came along. So even though you can't set it, the behavior was still able to work on the Pro1X. Either Google's built in backup had the setting, or my restore from titanium backup did it.
  20. It's been a month now since their 3/4 claim. Has anyone got their email for confirming address?
  21. Lineage-21.0-202405025nightly-pro1-signed.zip on May 5 (2024) security patch, installed smoothly using OTA
  22. perhaps this possible to find the sources of this android version ? or connect new screen to a I2C capable controller (arduino, raspberry, USB<->ic2) to read conf of old screen and writ it to the new one ?
  23. Hey so I use my fx tec as my spare phone and my pin doesn't work despite me only using it in October and I definitely knew it then. How can I unlock my phone and how many digits should it be?
  24. Earlier
  25. Thank you. I have ordered one from Aliexpress
  26. Labels are there in both landscape and portrait with the default QuickStep launcher on Pro1. But not so on the (different) QuickStep on the Pro1X.
  27. (lineage-21.0-20240518-nightly-pro1-signed.zip on May 5 security patch installed smoothly (*) using adb sideload and MindTheGapps-14.0.0-arm64-20231025_234300) And we still can only select one keyboard layout, so no easy layout switching, for multilingual usage.
  28. Lineage-21-20240520-NIGHTLY-pro1x with May 5th security patch installed smoothly via OTA. MindTheGapps14, and root was maintained.
  29. Yeah, I've been watching this, too. It's always good news from Minimal; I'm surprised they aren't just giving away the phones, it's all so generous. If it's a scam, it's an interesting one. Promise upon promise, even after the money is safely somewhere else...
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