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  2. I have been trying to fix my bank transfer since August
  3. We are all waiting fixes for possible issues but it does not mean that developing other things has to be stopped. Probably there are different people working with software updates and case design. Or maybe the case was developed with the help of community? Anyway it is not bad thing that there is case model for Pro1-X. Community option:
  4. Well as it is not all that are hit by these severe issues, they elsewhere even asked for info on it as they say they can not reproduce it in their tests in the UK. So most likely this means that it depends on the bands or even specific carrier hardware, if we are hit by the bug or not. So for those not affected, a case is indeed relevant.
  5. It is quite easy to cut an additional hole for the camera, if the ease of use outweigh the need of protecting the lenses - to each their own. The best to use for round holes to look nice is to use a pipe of suitable size, like for making holes in leather. Do it from the front side to make the edges of the holes bend in nicely. The straight edges should be done with a chisel. A Stanley-knife can do, but is hard to control.
  6. how long should i expect to wait for a response from the finance group re: refund?
  7. As a long time Pro1 supporter and LineageOS maintainer, I must say that I am somewhat unsettled by announcements like this. For many users (including myself) the Pro1-X is effectively a brick, as its GSM/LTE connectivity problems do not allow it to be used as a phone in the first place. In that perspective, advertising the possibility for custom-made shells just seems ... wrong ... at some level. Sorry to write that, but where are the relevant news on the topic?
  8. Yesterday
  9. Apropos of custom cases, but not for the fxtex, this arrived today. Through a comedy of mailing errors, a fellow user on a handheld site received two and bequeathed one to me. It's custom-made for the HP 200LX. It must've cost a pretty penny. Wonder what price Aldona would charge for something custom for the phones here.
  10. Not to disregard that it may work for some, but just my 2 cents to all others: Think about how often you use your phone's camera, for family pictures, barcode scanning and all that ... In many cases, a flip case that does not have the holes where they should be will not make you happy.
  11. Very much appreciate the follow-up pics. You've made your work very clear. You should be selling on Amazon yourself.
  12. Yup. But as I do not use the camera that often, I see it as an added benefit that the camera is protected when closed....
  13. >> So the button are protected when the flap is closed. << Okay, I understand now. You could do it vice-versa, less holes to cut, but exposed button. Got it.
  14. The flap goes under the screen when opened. In portrait I open the flap like e.g. a Manga or a Quran. So the button are protected when the flap is closed. BUT that means that you will either have to make a hole for the camera OR fold the flap all the way over for taking a photo. I keep the inner shell of a P20 pro flipcase with the camerahole at the top, bt remove the whole flap, so it is glued on the other way. Let me do a few photos, just a sec.... Add: And yes, some of the cases i got are made with more care than other - this one so sloppy that I eve
  15. @EskeRahn -- your custom flip cases seem to be designed so the kb extends to the right of of the case, allowing the credit card side of the case to lie behind the phone. That makes the best sense, but how do you address the need for reverse portrait (otherwise, when you open the case, the portrait screen is upside down)? Or are you working with an OS that allows auto-rotate to reverse portrait? Or do I have my geography completely wrong? πŸ™‚
  16. Yes and that could well indicate that it is not just a 100% generic one. πŸ˜‰
  17. @EskeRahn Maybe you're right and I am too negative. But for me it's listed as "currently unavailable" anyway, so ...
  18. Exactly. for an example, i made a slo-mo video that I put here: https://community.fxtec.com/topic/2681-how-to-openshut-the-pro1pro1x/?tab=comments#comment-42061 Note that flip-cases come in several variants, of the simple one with a magnetic clasp, there are two. The one in the OP with a long 'latch', and the one with two short latches that meet at the side (like in the video)
  19. The pictures in this kind of listings are usually generic with 'some' phones, the last looks like an Iphone e.g. But what they actually sell could fit well.
  20. Just checked... Would have bought one, but the interest have been so massive that they sold out.... 😁
  21. Looking at the pictures, its camera aperture does not seem to be low enough to accommodate the Pro1-X's lens. And certainly not its flash LED. Wouldn't recommend.
  22. I'm trying to envision the geography of these cases that open left-to-right. It seems that most controls are on the right side of the phone, so that would circumvent a lot of cutting. Hole for the camera would obviously need addressing. The potential rub: if the phone is physically attached to the case, the kb opens on the left, meaning the case's credit card side could get in the way of typing, unless the credit card side folded under everything somehow. Or perhaps you don't physically attach the case (though the manufacturer in this thread suggests that you do). Or perhaps there's
  23. This is like the AlieExpress merchant who figured out that the Elephone U Pro screen could be used for the F(x) Tec Pro 1 and relabeled the screen (and, then, in this case, jacked up the price-- you can get Elephone U Pro screens much cheaper on Alie Express). πŸ˜„ https://www.aliexpress.us/item/3256804530146022.html?gatewayAdapt=deu2usa4itemAdapt&_randl_shipto=US
  24. OOh. Prime. Will have tomorrow. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0BG28XJK8/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid
  25. πŸ™‚ Your page has already been indispensable in guiding me through the choice and hole-making of Huawei clear case. Thank you for the time and all your experimenting. I just went ahead and ordered the one cited in this thread, just to see. Beside, seller was giving 33 cents off original price. I can't resist a sale.
  26. Flip cases works just fine, see e.g. https://eskerahn.dk/?p=3620 on how to modify cases yourself and exampless with flip cases
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