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    Hi everyone, Exciting update today. Liangchen is visiting the factory in China at the minute and he expects all of the pre-orders will be produced by the 18th of January, so in less than 5 days now. We have already produced a very significant number of pre-order devices, which are waiting for the full list to complete by the 18th. As you are all well aware by now, once the devices are all produced on the 18th, the stock will be rotated between our warehouses, so there will be, I'd say, 1 more week after complete production before you receive your tracking. Just so I don't overpromise again, you should receive tracking or at least a stock assignment letter by the end of the business week commencing on the 27th of January. As always, thank you for your patience and continuous support. Erik
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    Further to this, we wanted to ship the small batch today, but it did not arrive earlier this week as we expected. The courier bringing the stock to the UK confirmed it will arrive sometime today, which means tracking for the next small batch will be provided to you on Monday. The big batch is also on the way for January - that one will notify of stock assignment.
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    I find it perfectly believable. All it says is that is what they AIM to do. I AIM to lose weight, stop drinking and generally be a less cynical b*****d in 2020. The evidence of my last n decades on the planet is that this isn't going to happen either.
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    [Note: This post is on an esoteric topic, and is only suitable for people who enjoy tinkering with their phones. Please don't try any of this if you aren't willing to erase everything on your Pro1] Project Treble made it possible in theory to run new versions of Android without requiring any OEM updates. If you've tried this in the past then you know the usability results can be 'mixed' πŸ˜‰ The good news is that the Pro1 ships with fairly good Treble support, and you can find some information about how well it works while running an Android 10 generic system image (GSI) at https://github.com/phhusson/treble_experimentations/wiki/F(x)tec-Pro1. As part of my work on LineageOS I have been fixing some of the Treble bugs in the stock firmware. So far I have fixes for the keyboard shift and Fn key mapping, and the keyboard slider behavior, and I hope to have a fix for the keyboard backlight behavior soon as well. If you'd like to try these fixes with a GSI, you can find my patched vendor.img and boot.img files at https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ey6g1N1ORYZ34oRXLYsF4zCCL6_KGRCi Note that the slider behavior fix only works with recent Android 10 GSI builds, e.g. https://ci.android.com/builds/submitted/6124690/aosp_arm64-userdebug/latest/aosp_arm64-img-6124690.zip. It does NOT work with the 'release' GSI builds that were published in October 2019.
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    Well...... yes but not exactly. Lineage is built on the open source portion of Android (AOSP) and the portions of the Qualcomm code that are released as open source (the CodeAurora project, or CAF). The portions that Qualcomm does not release as open source are taken as binary blobs from the stock firmware and integrated into the Lineage build to make a complete package. Because this is a sort of legal gray area, these blobs are kept strictly partitioned from the Lineage project and made available under the github account TheMuppets (really!) The portions that Google does not release open source are known as Google Apps or gapps. These are released as a separate flashable package. This is done for historical reasons, because several years ago Google sent a nasty cease-and-desist letter to the CyanogenMod project (which is the precursor to Lineage). So if you flash Lineage plus gapps, you will get something that does everything the stock ROM does plus a ton of fixes and enhancements made by the Lineage team. You can also use Lineage without gapps which will result in something like the ROM posted here plus the Lineage fixes and enhancements. Given this, I don't really know why someone would want to use the ungoogled stock ROM. But since there have been requests and it's rather easy to do, I've gone ahead and made it available.
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    Well I haven't really been following 'Erik' but this is what I received in official emails, to put things in chronological perspective. I'm a total sucker for niche PKB devices but the internal components in the world of cellphones do age very quickly, and there might not be another PKB device when this one becomes obsolete, which begs the question of whether it's worth making the jump to VKB earlier and sort of gulp down the distasteful medicine that we are a dying breed. πŸ˜… But that would be a logical/rational decision and I'm emotional and stubborn about the things I want. πŸ˜™ The Motorola Razr is tempting but also expected to be around $2000CAD compared to this $900CAD, and the internals aren't really cutting-edge either. So with that in mind I can pretend I am being rational and frugal and keep hating on VKB. πŸ˜›
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    It continues to amaze me how much time people seem to have on their hands around this thread. I actually don't fault Fxtec for the radio silence; every time they give the slightest hint of info, the wolves come lurking. Maybe try your hand at designing and manufacturing yourselves, then come back and play.
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    /wave Bye bye Pro1, see you again (hopefully) soon. So I sold my Pro1 to Kashif. It's an awesome phone, but after spending days trying to deGoogle it and finding LineageOS not quite ready for prime time I thought I may as well sell it/trade orders given his his eagerness and the fact me made me an offer I "couldn't refuse" As bad as my Droid4 is (currently turns off at random) I can live with it a bit longer. @kashif I'm glad you're enjoying it.
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    I can agree on that. By all critic I have at the communication of fxtec, @Erik prevents a total black out. The CEO's should be really thankful!
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    Quick demo of my modified driver, keep in mind i'm also limited by the my thumbs and trying somewhat randomly to press this and that to give an idea what is possible.
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    That, and reviews like the one by Steve Litchfield from the Phones Show are what are making me willing to persevere. And the fact that there are so many fans on this forum πŸ™‚ Really hoping this is the real big batch of deliveries this time...
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    I worded the question in such a way that your group in this poll, will not actually change with time πŸ˜‰ I'm sneaky like that sometimes.
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    At least remove the hairs and give the screen a wipe on your shirt or something before taking a picture, please!
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    I just hope that referring to the phone as "the Clack" never catches on.
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    Actually, staff from F(x)tec reacting to our complaints is the main way we've been getting information so far.
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    Just be aware those instructions for enabling Unknown Sources don't apply anymore. Just download the apk. It will ask you to enable Unknown Sources for the specific app doing the installation. It is no longer a global setting. πŸ™‚
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    So, after a few days I've come to the conclusion that I'm not too keen on the supplied sleeve. It was a nice gesture by F(x)Tec, considering you can pay Β£1000 for some phones and not get a protective cover. But I find the case a bit too tight and not too keen on using so much force to insert and take the phone out. So I decided to buy another case and found this one in a local shop. Let's see everyone else's cases.
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    Yes. All this files are clear stock images, not patched by Magisk. You need patch they in your own phone, then Magisk correctly create backups, and can after that restore stock boot.img for applying new OTA update - if you get magisk_patched.img from anywhere other source and flash by fastboot, "Restore images" button will not work.
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    While I absolutely agree that the updates are a waaaaaaay better way of handling a product like that, some assumptions in this post are not certain. We do not know how many they started to produce, we do not know if they had to redo thousands of devices.
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    I am sure decision is not only made by one of the directors but they have consultation about the current known state of production, financial state and possibilities. I think they had a decision to send packages weekly to be able to send as many phones as possible before Christmas or the end of the last year to have as much people as possible convenience... but last year has already passed so they made another decision which is financially better. So I mean things (decisions) can be changed as also the speed of manufacturing process may be improved which may be the source of changing their earlier decision. Also, these information are internal solutions based on actual (deeper) information. Eric shared some of them as part of his good will, but these were unofficial information mostly because things and predictions may changing constantly. So at least it is not as simple as it may seems to be.
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    They should just ask for a refund through F(x)tec first no need to harm the companies credit rating.
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    The key apps I would recommend anyone are 3C All-in-one Toolbox Pro (Especially if you with adb give it android.permission.BATTERY_STATS ) GSAM Battery Monitor Pro (Especially if you with adb give it android.permission.BATTERY_STATS ) Greenify - to help automatically clean up, the bloat that you have chosen not to disable due to occasional usage. Android Assistant - To help manually clean up Netguard - a non-root VPN 'firewall'. Textra - a nice SMS/MMS app, that works great with a real keyboard NOT giving a small window of a few lines for entering the text.. Open Camera - (Though there is an API bug on the Pro1 preventing HDR from working properly) QuickPic - a standard picture gallery app, but I particularly like the simple editor for reducing image to lower resolution and/or crop/rotate easily. Many more fancy exists but I find this a good balance between abilities and simplicity. Navmii - nice free offline maps, you can buy away the ads for trifles - as I recall it was something like $3, I paid ten years ago...
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    Thanks for the heads up. I have actually butchered cases about to make phones fit. My next project will be my Xperia X. I've got a Bluetooth Micro Keyboard on order that I plan to mate with it, so I'll have it to hand when I open the case. But as for the Pro1, I'm not finished yet. I'm planning on a trip to the nearest big city to scour the phone shops for bargain bin cases that might fit the bill. (Not really, I'm going just to flash the Pro1 off and annoy the hell outa them) πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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    I don't know of any other device I'll use that'll have a keyboard that I use with my thumbs. It's a completely different muscle memory. I don't have the Pro1 yet so I'm speculating, but I don't think the muscle memory will collide with regular keyboards. I didn't have any significant issue with the Desire Z even though that merged and moved some things around because of the small keyboard.
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    @Val I know. And things went badly. But not hopelessly bad, and most importantly, not fraudulently bad. Yes, I paid for the Moto Mod in March 2017, too. And I got an offer of a full refund, which I requested and immediately got paid in October 2018. While it already was clear that the Keyboard Mod's problems had not been their fault, this was another piece of evidence for me that these people are honest. And yes, their Pro1 shipping order may have become different from what they planned and promised. But now that the delivery finally seems to be within reach, people get their knickers in a twist because of some twenty devices that were sent earlier to two or three small, enthusiast retailers of the kind that companies like F(x)tec depend on? As I said, I just don't get it. @elvissteinjr No, "there's no need for" the behavior I'm referring to, no matter how many devices are "in the wild", while the people posting in this forum are no indication whatsoever for that number, either. Really, what do you think this is? A bunch of economic criminals trying to deceive their most important customers by not telling them that twenty devices were shipped to a retailer before theirs, and they choose to design, develop and manufacture a frigging SLIDER KEYBOARD SMARTPHONE, of all things, for the deceitful purpose? Yeah, of course. People, do yourself a favour and think twice before posting stuff that says more about yourselves than about anything else.
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    Got mine! From a retailer, but since it was about as cheap as fxtec was selling them - I don't know why I shouldn't have jumped ships. As far as I could figure out, it works (with android). Gonna take me a while to figure everything out. German retailer, about 720 Euro, next-day-delivery. Thank you, you know who you are! Edit: it's quite thick, but the sound and keyboard are awesome.
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    The first utility apps I install on any Android device I own are FX and Termux. Together they turn a smartphone or tablet into a full-featured pocket computer. The former is in my opinion the best file manager Android has, while the latter gives me a fully-featured Linux terminal complete with the apt package manager. From there I can install ssh and I've got a connection to my desktop PC from anywhere with an internet connection for file transfer and media streaming.
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    We will be changing the type of content posted across all social media platforms. Even if you don't have a Instagram account, we would still love to share your Pro1 photos through our Instagram account πŸ™‚
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    Running a ftp server on phone is easy cuz all PCs support it, you can add it as a favorite/bookmark to file manager in windows or linux or anything else, without installing anything on the PC end. I use this one, super easy to configure, even has an option to auto-connect when you're on home wifi, so basically whenever you're at home your phone is available in your PC file manager. https://f-droid.org/en/packages/be.ppareit.swiftp_free/ (fyi, fdroid version is same as full version from playstore, even tho it says free.)
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    I always imagined him with a whip making sure they worked hard πŸ˜„
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    Maybe all of fxtec should go on a business trip to the US and each member brings a set of phones in their carry-on.
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    Sorry! Its chrome page autotranslater... I writed it in anglish πŸ™‚
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    This was done earlier: https://community.fxtec.com/topic/2357-age-group-of-users-for-pro1/ and ages 40+ won, but the age groups weren't equal sized. So let's try it again. Note usernames are private.
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    You and me and @Polaris are having the same party. :)
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    I can absolutely follow you, BUT it much depends on whether you can feel reasonably certain that you can buy another in a couple of years or not. I mean the approach makes a lot of sense for a device like the Pro1 where we do not know if/when there will be another. Had it come in several 'flavours' I would for sure have bought the one with top specs. But If I was in the market for an ordinary slab, I would most likely be looking at say yesteryears flagship, As I would feel certain that I would have upgraded to something different before it even got close to it's theoretical end of life, So buying the very newest here would just be a waste of money.
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    I agree, that is why I think the focus should be on people out of school and with some typing to do. And there was never a better time for that. Smartphone market is saturated and boring. Everybody is thirsty for something new. And there were never so much people in IT like now. A lot of these people are young. This should not be forgotten! However since I wish the prawn was a bit smaller (maybe 5.5") and had a flat screen I may be a dinosaur myself. But that is another topic πŸ˜„
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    That's pretty much what I did, as described in my earlier post in this thread: The tricky part is that they won't officially activate the Pro 1 on their network because it isn't certified by them. This was working with them in the shop. So my pro 1 has the sim from my Moto G6 and the network thinks my Pro 1 is my Moto G6 (which Verizon is fine with-- they know). It's something to do with, until they convert fully over to LTE and ditch the CDMA network, the phone has to be certified on the CDMA network still, but only certified phones are allowed. But, yes, the phone works fine as a VoLTE and ViWiFi phone as long as the old SIM is from a VoLTE enabled phone.
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    Thank you very much. Going to pay you a beer :) E: done, just dont know how the Karhu price changed since this summer
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    A simple video showing the SFOS port on the ProΒΉ, and more specifically Ubu Chromium (run in its own window, and then from xfce4 desktop environment): https://youtu.be/DLl92bISgAo I'm sorry about the overexposure of white web pages. I lowered the screen brightness and adjusted the camera settings, but not enough. πŸ˜•
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    Average usage (some video, some music, some browsing, emails and games) works for around 36 hours at the moment.
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    My friend had all three, I was extremely jealous of him.
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    Nothing beats this keyboard.
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    I'll start writing one tonight πŸ˜„
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    Conspiracy? I just thought it was because the pro1 is a few weeks late.
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    FinQWERTY has done it. Their proposed US qwerty map for pro1 qwertz is awesome. Even has dedicated slash key on the right πŸ˜‰ Eske posted it in some random thread... The problem with using it that way, and the advantage of it, is that they remapped most everything besides letters. The y/z print mismatch is trivial and wouldn't affect me, but when the symbols dont match the print and they're not what you use every day and they're in non-standard locations, I can see that being annoying. If someone would make some really nice stickers that fit pro1 keys, then qwertz w/finqwerty would be ideal, based on what I've seen.
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    This is the first time, I realize, that there is a huge difference between QWERTZ and QWERTY (I immediately googled pictures and only QWERTY is shifted!) @Locane: sorry to hear, that you are not happy with the Pro1. Would you be so kind to tell us, what QWERTY/QWERTZ phones you did use and were happy with (the keyboard)? This could be really helpful to other people, considering to buy a pro1 (or waiting for it and considering alternatives).
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    To be fair, speaker and key positions were things you could see right away on the website. I do agree the shifted layout isn't ideal, but that's why I'm going for a QWERTZ model myself. Thanks for giving someone a chance to acquire it faster if they feel the need however.
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    Is it worth to say "YOU BASTARD??" πŸ˜„ Nothing against you, just being jealous πŸ˜‰ Lucky you! :)
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    I'm sitting behind my front door to wait the UPS deliveryman just like a dog waits for his master all day. Standing in excitment every time I hear a vehicle in the street.
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    Here's a friendly tip... Plan on June 2020 and be pleasantly surprised when it arrives before then.
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