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    • Yes, this is a 2-in-1 problem. The first one is the different keymap of shifted (QWERTY) and normal (QWERTZ) variants of keyboards we have. It is a bit strange that F(x)tec itself has generated this issue as otherwise these layouts would work exactly the same way deep inside. So the problem is the shifting itself which made default layout of Pro1 to be unusual while QWERTZ variant is a perfectly usual layout. So @tdm's keyboard driver solved this issue by allowing to map appropriate keycodes to shifted keys respective to its written functions while also maps appropriate keycodes for normal layout. The second problem is a bit different as there are also yellow texts on the keyboard which are at non-standard positions, so they should be handled in relation to its theoretical layout, so US and German. As low-level keycodes are identical even of international keyboards, a specific key should generate exactly the same code, even if there is ";", "Ö" or "É" is written on it which is the same key in US/German/Hungarian layout. Basically a keyboard driver should generate a scancode of 39 for the key above at its own level. ...then OS should determine if scancode of 39 arrives, then it should handle it as ; Ö or É, so that is a function of a higher level interface. So, @tdmwanted the yellow-labeled keys to produce the very same symbols what they have written on it and as these are not at a standard position, he had to apply a trick on it. So that way the low-level driver accommodates to high-level code, in this case, for QWERTZ variant, it is German. So it will work perfectly if German layout is selected but it worth nothing for other layouts. That is why I thought we may need an option to disable this behaviour and exposing modifiers for custom layouts applied at high level of the system. For me, the QWERTY / QWERTZ keycode correction is a very good solution which should has been solved by IdeaLTE also in stock OS before launch, this is the absolute correct way of handling it. However, the actual form of default keymap is very restricting, thus, an annoying function for me. Anyway, @tdmhas also made an interface where default keyboard map can be changed, so, theoretically all international layouts may have a respective value somewhere in system UI, so the very same function of producing the written text of these keys are possible and even a standard layout with AltGr applied on second interface is possible. Other than that, different modifiers like keycode of FN or Meta is currently not supported which would mean one has to overdefine standard AltGr function of a key instead of having another layer as a potential custom layout and keeping language-specific AltGr function as well. So, at last... the problem of yellow keys can not be solved perfectly at low level as it is basically not a low-level task but a high-level one and I would not put it there as a default option in driver level as it is basically not the right behaviour per standard. It works this way as Z/Y keys are fortunately not touched by any special modifications. Basically "Z" has a scancode of 44 on US keyboard and 21 on German keyboard while "Y" has 21 on US keyboard but 44 on German. So, the key between "T" and "U" or the key on the left of "X" always has the same scancode and an upper layer will decide if they should generate "Z" or "Y" or anything else. That is where the solution of remapping non-standard yellow symbols mixed up the normal behaviour of any keyboards and that is why I don't like it to be there as default.
    • Thanks. But if it ONLY works with German, this seams to break the whole original idea of letting the qwertz/qwerty switch select all the necessary remapping to get a standard layout so ANY available android standard layout could be selected, fitting the users language. ADD: Obviously if I select a qwerty based language on the qwertz keyboard with the qwertz switch, I EXPECT the letter between T and U to send a Y, and similar others will not match the print. (and obviously similar issues the other way round) No better or worse than if I selected to write with another language on a physical German PC-qwertz keyboard.
    • Same with me. I just sent my phone to their new address on Friday. Will let you all know how that goes.
    • I do not know if @EskeRahn made some push or @Erik read this thread, when @Rob. S. tagged him, but with some magic help after several weeks of silence Support team amazingly replied me that evening. Unfortunately just announcement, that they apology and I have to wait. So in conclusion: first contact: 22.2.2021  pictures of corners and whole phone wanted, sent 23.2.2021 then I needed the phone very much, so i somehow made it even with the ghost touchy display.. On 9.4.2021 the phone was sent on my own costs. several e-mails about when it will be, in total 6 outgoing messages, 7 incomming messages. phone sent back on 01.06.2021, but I am kinda sure it was only "paperwork". It was dropped to DPD parcel shop on 7.6.21 I had to pay taxes again.. On my own. Package arrived on 11.06.21 So it took more than two months to get it repaired. BUT!!!! then I found out the display has black corners at lower side ant camera cannot focus any more. another contact of support team on 12.07.21 this time they offered me their pickup. I was amazed, why it wasn´t possible at the beginning as well and I had to pay the postage. It wasn´t much, but this is not about money, this is about principles.. several e-mails, determined pickup on 23.07.21, phone has been sent on their costs. something like 8 messages addressed to the team , trying various addresses on my side and also online form. No success until someone helped me thanks to this forum. several days, several e-mails, then I was informed that they have to escalate it, cause it take way too long even corona-delays long...  Good to know it!! Thanks for information!!!! I knew it since their first unsuccessful repair.. I am very sad about that. I can understand a lot, I am sure they have it very difficult these times, but the phone was super expensive and I was waiting for it almost two years.... SO PLEASE COMMUNICATE!!!!! ALWAYS!!!!!!!! still without my phone, now it is again very near of two months.. Isn´t the warranty due 30 days? Should I send our lawyer team at this case? I was very phlegmatic and benevolent, but after four months without my phone I am becoming frustrated and way too angry. Will let you know more later.
    • Exactly. Out of interest, I had applied the proposed patch to my LOS 16 on my QWERTZ Pro1: The respective key immediately stopped working correctly. With @tdm's default keymap, things have always worked - given the correct configuration you describe. That one has to configure things in two places is of course a little cumbersome, and many of us QWERTZies stumbled on that in the beginning. Streamlining the UI here would be nice, but also not strictly necessary, as for most users configuring this is a one-time action.
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