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    • Apkmirror hosts modded apk's wihout the often restrictions. In this case it bypasses some checks, also used for other devices: https://community.philipsprojection.com/t/disney-plus-app/2597/19
    • I've seen this with another small company that a bigger investor demanded a physical action with a notification for any kind of unusual money transfer in order to prevent money loss or theft. It could very well be an internal policy with the same reasons since they can't risk any loss of money. What I find most difficult here is that the order doesn't seem to be cancelled until the refund is done. The worst thing for Fxtec would be that the device gets delivered and has to be sent back since it wouldn't be needed anymore. That would be a huge loss of money that would be easy to prevent. I still hope that you guys get your money back very soon without having to force it back.
    • Try apkmirror for Netflix. I haven't tried straight download from Netflix website, so it might be newer version or something. It is also possible that Magisk is needed to hide root, to make Netflix work. I haven't tried without Magisk. About Magisk, I am not a guru, far from it. Not an android guru either, but I have some experience in Linux systems, which help a bit. But Magisk itself is quite straightforward stuff to install and set up (apply MagiskHide for apps you don't want to see root). The props config is little bit trickier, you need a terminal app to set it up but there's quite good instructions in xda. Props config is needed for banking and some other apps, like my work mail account. Netflix should work without it also. About the safety, I don't really know. Some people are really against Magisk, and I believe they have good reasons for it. I personally haven't found it break anything or even having any effect to any other stuff. In my device, it just does what I need it to do: hides root from the apps I want. Of course I cannot be sure about what other things it does behind my back, but I believe that Google itself collects more of my personal information than any particular app can ever do. About battery drain, I haven't noticed any. I have about two days of battery usage, but I believe it is more about how heavily you use the device than what apps you have installed.  As a last word, I don't recommend you to do anything. Do as you said and read enough about the stuff you are going to play with, and then make your decision whether to install or not. Google has been trying hard to prevent Magisk from working, and even thhough it works for now, it is quite sure that it will be prevented permanently some day. 
    • Yeah, that could be a reason. And I'm really not in a position to make hypothetical assumptions about their banking conditions. So I apologize for that. It is indeed quite funny how often we speculate in this forum about what might be the reason for what, poking around in the dark (especially with regard to delivery delays and communication policy). 😅
    • I can confirm the findings of @EskeRahn. I just made some comparative tests with the phones I have right now, i. e.: Fairphone 2 and Jolla 1. In the band of 2.4 GHz, the Pro1 is between 2 to 18 dBm less sensitive. The other 2 phones give similar results between them. In the band of 5 GHz, the Pro1 is between 2 to 10 dBm less sensitive than the FP2. Having the keyboard opened or closed does not change much the results. (apps used : Wifi Analyzer on Android devices, Wlan Monitor on the Jolla 1)
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