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    • That was the quote, thanks,, In context it was an answer to why time would help, that there were a dialogue where the quote was a part. As I read the central point  was that they are still dripping money in, and these drops are currently paying for shipping.
    • Project Owner: "We have other products and services unrelated to smartphones. In fact that’s what funded all of the Pro1 X production." So if you take this by word, it would mean the investment from backers and the money from buyers financed the SoC change and development, their "other products and services unrelated to smartphones" covered the production. But the shipping is not included? So both of you might be right. Obviously we do not have enough information to really come to any serious conclusion.
    • Read comments more carefully. Indeed the situation is bad, but they clearly state that they have other projects profiting that are -and for quite some time has been- paying to the project, including for the shipping - though slowly. But indeed it is hard to gather the bits of info that can be 'hiding' in a reply-chain with someone, I believe I found it in a comment, that had a reply later, and thus need unfold to be found.. I'm not 100% sure, but I think it could have been in one of the dialogues with "Felix"....
    • Reading down the IGG comments a bit further, I come to the impression that this is F(x)tec's last stand. They're completely out of money. Their devices sit in Hong Kong with no clearance to ship because F(x)tec are unable to pay the bill. Pro1-Xs "appearing" on the market are due to Expansys acquiring devices as a way to obtain their payment. Probably, F(x)tec are at the point where the few shipments actually taking place are being paid from employees' revenue.  What a mess.
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