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  1. I was thrilled to receive my new Pro1.  I had ordered it in November 2019 and patiently waited until it showed up on my doorstep earlier this week.  I excitedly opened the box and inserted my Verizon SIM card.  It did not work at first but I followed the troubleshooting suggestions on the forum and got Verizon to work for about 10 seconds before it stopped.  I followed the suggestions again and again got Verizon to work for about 10 seconds and then gone.  WiFi worked great.

    Unfortunately I need a phone with reliable network service for my work so as excited as I was to have a physical keyboard I put in my request for a refund with Fxtec.  After reading other posts about delayed refunds and various experiences with customer service response I thought I'd see if there was any interest in purchasing my phone.  It's in its original packaging but basically opened to insert SIM card as described above, otherwise unused.

    It is the QWERTY layout.  I'm located in the US.  Questions, interest, offers?




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