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  1. 1 hour ago, Acurus said:

    ... I did not buy my phone via IGG. Therefore I asked here in the right place. .....

    .... They sent some phones out. The rest is in the "warehouse". ....

    ....I ordered in May 2020 ...

    Regardless of whether you think this is the right place or not, the latest info from Fx-tec usually is found on IGG and reposted here within days if not hours.  In the past "operational delay" has often meant some delay due to a COVID lockdown.  As far as your ordering date, reports are that it does not seem to matter if you ordered from the site or participated in the IGG campaign as to when your phone will ship out.  As near as we (or at least I) can tell from posts of those whom have received their phone, no one has been able to figure out the shipment order (maybe I missed it).  Asking here won't give you any answers that the rest of are also waiting on.  All of us have anticipated delivery for a while, some longer than you.  We get your frustration.   But sometimes that is just how life goes.

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  2. Another tidbit that I don't see mentioned so far.  Last week I emailed on the question of OS for those of us who purchased from the web site, not via Indigogo.  We will be getting Android. 

    I ordered in Nov '21 and couldn't remember if I'd chosen LOS or Android or even had a choice during purchase.  I emailed to say Android so we'd get them ASAP.  Got a response back in a very reasonable 2 days considering the Queen's Jubilee ongoing.

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