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    • After 13 months we're very likely at a stage where the phones are sold from stock and also have other retailers available. For example, the DragonBox Shop, based in Germany, is already taking additional pre-orders. That would be one option for EU customers to avoid importing if Brexit happens. Nothing to really worry about at this stage indeed.
    • First, thanks for trying! Normally TWRP asks to mount partitions rw on start. This version does not ask ?  Have you tried @netman's suggestion to complete initial setup first? On "normal" phones this is always done to enable bootloader unlocking in settings.  
    • I think you were replying to the wrong comment *LOL*. But the charging while off issue seems to be for any source, including PC-data connection.
    • Could it be you have to complete the initial setup for twrp to get in to the system without password?
    • So I'm essentially stuck now. I reflashed everything to factory (the long list of commands), then I did the first boot. I didn't complete setup. I rebooted to check it did a clean boot and got the initial setup again. Next, I flashed TWRP and rebooted. It immediately asked me for a password to continue. "To start Android, enter your password". What? I did some looking around and other people got this after flashing TWRP and listed some default passwords. "password" and "default_password", neither worked. Someone said to run the command "fastboot format userdata" which I did, and it results with an endless boot again. There is a problem with TWRP and when I'm inside it I can't do things like mount /data or /data/system, so I can't get inside there to try and remove the password files. So I believe the bug is with TWRP right now. Any suggestions?
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