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    • No luck with either. I would like to find the key combo so I can try to remap it. Any other guesses??
    • I just expanded the size of the root partition without modifying the size of home.img because I had the situation that there wasn't anymore space left on the root partition but only around 20% of the capacity of the home folder was used. Most software packages are deploying their files into the generic linux folders instead of the users home directory and if the diskspace of /dev/sda13 is almost used for a big home.img, this is a problem.
    • If you just got the phone it seems you might be mixing Pro1 and Pro1X images.... There are no official Lineage image for the Pro1X (yet). Take a look here PS: When I last tried neither OpenGapps nor NikGapps worked for the Pro1 (no X) Lineage 19, the only working GAPPS-option seems to be the rather huge package MTG. See the official links here.
    • Hi all, I'm hoping someone can help me, my phone is close to Bricked. I got the phone yesterday and thought I'd flash LineageOS onto it. This is basically what I did:   I followed the instructions here: https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/pro1/install I used this image: lineage-19.1-20221128-nightly-pro1-signed.zip I used this recovery: lineage-19.1-20221128-recovery-pro1.img I flashed these gapps: NikGapps-basic-arm64-12-20220908-signed.zip Rebooted the phone Now the phone just boots to the select screen, where you can choose recovery, fastboot, poweroff etc. Any option I select from here reboot the phone and comes back to this menu - except poweroff. I can't get into fastboot mode to reflash anything. I've tried the Factory Restore Tool. I can get into EDL mode by pressing the volume up, down and power buttons. My phone is detected by the software but when I click Flash it just says "Cannot open device" and does nothing.   Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
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