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  1. Quoting my old post. So 8 months ago I got a new display from Aliexpress and asked from a local phone mechanic to do the replacement. He refused because he didn't know the phone and didn't want to take responsibility from accidentally breaking the device. So I tried to do it myself, which went well otherwise but I put too much heat on the display, which ended up with the display plastic frame melting and losing the shape 😐 Should have got a heat gun with adjustable heat level 😄 So I put my Pro1 in the drawer and while waiting to get the display+frame from Fxtec (which was promised much ea
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  2. True true , because this time i was within the first 50 to order i have the option to get it in august if i pay for expedited shipping maybe for FX tec's next phone , they should team up with unihertz FX designs the phone and outsource Unihertz for production , updates and PR
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