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  1. Motorola Photon Q (XT897) / Droid 4 (XT894) Pros: Five row keyboard with good layout and tactile response. Unlockable bootloader (XT897). Partial compatibility for choice of Linux based OS (XT894). Cons: Keyboard is noisy (popping sound on key-press). Ribbon/flex cable breaks. Nokia E7 / N950 Pros: Excellent build quality, materials and durability. Silent keyboard. Cons: Keyboard lacks buttons. The tab, shift, esc keys are missing from the left, meaning the alphanumeric keys are not centered in the hand for typing. Symbian (E7). Unreleased (N950). Fxtec (what we know so far): Pros: Similar hinge design from former Nokia employees, so should be durable. Metal construction. Five row keyboard. Unlockable bootloader. Proposed compatibility with multiple Linux based OS's. 3.5mm Audio jack (no longer a standard in 2019). Cons: Obscure choice of key positions. The numeric keys are misaligned with the alphabet keys by one position to the right. For example, above the 'Q' key are 2 and 3. On any standard keyboard, it should be 1 and 2. Solution: Is there really a need for both a backspace and a delete key? If the delete key is changed to backspace, the numeric keys can all be shifted right one position and the ~ key moved up one position. This leaves a blank key to the left of 'Q' that could be used for a different symbol.
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