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  1. Nokia 9000i - but weighed almost as much as a 1lb bag of sugar. Nokia 9100i - big advance over 9000i and still my favourite...! Nokia 9500 - eventually hinges cracked and the grey external finish started coming off despite being kept in a proper case Nokia E90 - eventually the well-documented microphone problem, not my favourite keyboard. Battery could still be changed easily. Nokia N900 - never used on a daily basis - arguably insufficient "business" software and keyboard not best suited to typing longer (over 2 A4 pages) documents Nokia E7 from its release and still in daily use. To date, there have been NO problems with either the hinge mechanism or letters rubbing off the much used keys during this phone's somewhat extended life. No screen burn-in. Sleeping clock and small charge LED indicator next to the microUSB are both of great benefit. Blackberry Priv - never used on a daily basis - hot as a toaster, battery life poor, stuck on Android M though Blackberry had hinted that might release Android O. Did not take to keyboard, though screen impressive. Two points arising from these phones possibly relevant to the design of the production Pro1 or any successor: 1 - Will the Pro 1 have a "full time" sleeping clock option? Would certainly be willing to pay a supplement as assume there is still some patent protection in force and extra hardware may be required; 2 - Will eventual and no doubt post-guarantee battery replacement require the use of assorted tools such as hot air guns, proper vacuum suckers, jigs and re-gluing, or will it, Nokia E7 style, mainly and beneficially involve the use of screws?
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