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  1. For me this current keyboard layout is deal breaker. I spend a moment for another Finnish/Nordic layout, there could be Lenovo kind of different color for Æ and Ø for Noway and Denmark on keys with Ö and Ä. I edited layout only thinking Finnish layout. At this moment I'am Cosmo Communicator backer (from early December already). One thing what is better on Cosmo is size of keys, but for Finnish layout, Cosmo is missing one row of keys, wich exist on Pro1. On Pro1 Ä and Ö has own key, when on Cosmo, they are implemented on same key. Also ', *, ~, - and _. have own key, wich is highly import
  2. How about Fin/Swe/Nordic layout keyboard like this. And another color forsymbols for example orange symbol from from number keys and as already yellow from alt + something. Colors might be some other than yellow/orange. That theres no change of they look like same. Or like on laptop keybord symbols have own place if the came with sift or alt.
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