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  1. @Slion

    @michaltur I had that official Nokia E7 case for a while but the small plastic bit for closing it broke pretty fast.

    I am suprised. Are You pretty sure, that Your case was a genuine Nokia product? I asking because I used my Nokia E7 for almost three years and by all this time with case on Phone. By all this time period I must say that the case work just Perfect, no plastic breaks, no scratches, leather look very good to the end...

  2. Ya ya but I really think this case is isn't good option. It is't an option at all for me absolutely. As I post in another topic, only one good choice to do very good case is to make a similar case as Nokia cp-501. Please look at this video

    and tell me what all of You thinking about it! I don't have any photo but You must imagine it - when we flip this front flap in 180 degree than we have another stand for even beter angle to view for example videos on you tube when smartphone laying on table surface.
  3. Waxberry found some news on twitter on the case, see this thread..


    @EskeRahn no no no no no please NO! Please don't do this! This wersion of case is sh#t... F(x)tec You just have to made something exacly like this please PLEASE!

    I had one of these for my personal Nokia E7 and this is briliant. It's even helpfull in holding the phone in hand! Yes! And this plastic clip make even better angle when You want to put smartphone on surface for Youtube watching becouse it make entire construction higher. Plus front of those case make the screen protect. And this beautifully leather business look... So, only this kind of case wersion please!
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  4. hi everyone. My list of the Best hw keyboard is like this:

    1: BlackBerry Classic q20 (pure perfection of all what I demand about smartphone, but it will never come back)

    2: Nokia E7 (great Balance between technology for bussines like hw keyboard and gorgeous design *sliding mechanism is the Best sample of that* and great multimedia experience like oled display and features like full hdmi out, USB otg and many more)

    3: BlackBerry PRIV (I have one by now and I like it for big beautifull curved screen, sliding mechanism and of course keyboard but its no good in optimalisation and the frame/back of my specimen is almost still overheat grrr)

    4: Nokia n97 mini (poor touchscreen technology but the sliding mechanism were in these days Such original and awesome!)

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