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  1. I'm the only one who disagrees about the price ;-) Perhaps you are forgetting that the phone will be in your hands probably by july-august Are you aware that in July-August, the specs of Pro1 will be more outdated than now and with €.649, it will be possible to buy three phones with identical processor, display, ram, rom, camera etc except hardware keyboard? I think that at that price, it needs an hardware compensation (better battery, ram, IR)
  2. Hi everybody I think the price of the PRO1 is too high compared to its specs There are models with similar specs (processor, ram, rom, display) that costs half its price like Nubia Red Magic and OnePlus5T I know that the implementation of hardware keyboard is expensive due to engineering and materials, but it seems too much, compared to RedMagic and OP5T I think it needs: - a lower price (500-549) - or the same price with better specs (at least a 4000mh battery, a SD845, a removable battery, IR port, etc) What do you think about it?
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