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  1. Thank you all very much for your answers! Please excuse the late response, I didn't have time to look in the forum for the last few days. As the question is now solved, @Eske Rahn or another moderator could close this thread.
  2. @VaZso: Thank you for your answer! Seems it must have a Mic input as the specs on f(x)tec's hompage say "Audio connectivity: 3.5mm TRRS headphone Jack". And (I'm just reminding, mainly for myself cause I'm German and want to make sure I don't mix up English terms for this things, so don't take offense if this info seems stupdily basic) TRRS meens 4 pins; 3 pins (i.e. stereo without Mic) is abbreviated TRS. Anyyway: @Waxberry, could you kindly answer my original question about the pinout? Don't worry about me tinkering with the plug or something - the cause for my question is just that I w
  3. Dear fellow physical keyboard fans, I have a somewhat noob question, but couldn't find an existing answer to it - so, sorry if it's a duplicate question. Does anybody know if the pinout of the 3,5mm audio jack is CTIA (i.e. Left, Right, Ground, Mic) or OMTP (i.e. Left, Right, Mic, Ground)? Thanks in advance for your answers! Max Gräf
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