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  1. Just a quick follow up... F(x)tec Support sent my replacement screen out on Friday, I received it less than 24 hours later, replaced it as per their video instruction, and it's now working perfectly again! Only had one moment where I had the two side by side, and nearly forgot which was which... I hope you get your replacement soon @hka. For me it's top marks for F(x)tec's support, and also for the easy repairability of the Pro1. I lost my Sony Z5C for weeks for a repair under warranty, and had to send it straight back again because it hadn't been repaired pro
  2. That's interesting to know, I'm definitely still in the "getting worse" stage at the moment. It can be almost impossible to use at times. I now daren't open anything important like mobile banking. I kind of hope mine gets to the "region dying" stage soon. I've always got adb as a backup. Support have been good for me so far. Once I confirmed that it hadn't been dropped or drowned, they gave me the option of sending a replacement screen for me to replace, or sending the device to them for repair. I too have opted for the DIY option. Guess I'm in the same boat as you now then!
  3. I thought I was either going mad, or just being clumsy touching/catching the curved edge while holding the phone, but it seems like mine's also now haunted: https://www.dropbox.com/s/o6tfvb1jx4xwpwm/pro1_touchscreen_issue.mp4?raw=1 Most of the time it's actually fine, which I guess is why I was doubting myself. I've also had the Pro1 over 6 months now, and it's been in use every day. Phone was last charged over 30 hours ago when I took that video, so while I know chargers can cause touchscreen issues, I don't think that's my issue. I'll contact support and see what they recommend. Ph
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