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    • This one may not be the best option (unless the unavailability of pure screen) because it includes the metal frame for Elephone what means you should detach the screen prior installing it in Pro1. Anyway, it is possible but you should be gentle and some heat will be needed - the best is a heat gun running at low temperature (around 100-150 Celsius degree applying from distance) and relatively low air flow. The Elephone U Pro screen what I had was glued to a metal frame using a big surface so it is harder to remove uninjured than a Pro1 screen which was (at least initially) only glued at its corners.
    • Can anyone tell me if this version has PPTP enabled.  I am considering to upgrade from my old  lineage 18.1 build as it is signed with a test key and have some play device integrity issue...
    • That's what I'd say, too, after a few months with the Titan Slim. Also, for what it is, it worked well enough. If you were happy with the Key2, you might also be good with the SIlm, even though it's much more plasticky than what I've seen from BlackBerry. (In the end, I found both the portrait mode keyboard and the screen too small for my tastes, which made me try the 5+ times more expensive Honor Magic V2 foldable phone, which seems to do it for me, even though I miss the physical keyboard. At least, the virtual keyboard doesn't cover half or more of the screen as soon as it appears.) By the way, it seems that there's at least an unofficial LineageOS 20 (Android 13) for the Titan Slim while the stock ROM is still Android 11 as far as I know. I never tried that myself, though.
    • Yes, they are reliable for delivery.  Not great on after purchase support like OS updates and such, but they will deliver your phone.
    • Not I... and this evening my long-suffering Key2 appears finally to have given up the ghost: the keyboard has died!!   I've just ordered a Unihertz Titan Slim from Unihertz's own online shop - I do hope they are reliable (does anybody know??).   My Pro1X (I was a backer) is now just a source of conceptual comedy, though naturally I am quite a large sum of money out of pocket.  If I ever see it (which seems vanishingly unlikely) I'll be putting it straight onto E-bay or the like, as it would be a complete irrelevance...  But I'm sure that is an entirely hypothetical scenario!  
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