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  1. I had that one completely muted, but the chime still sounded when it did an OS update, and it practically echoed through the house. DoNotDisturb seems to have helped. Other updates: now working fine on Verizon. Was able to directly perform a Bluetooth connection between old and new phone, and transferred contacts that way, but if I open the Google " set up a new device" on the old phone, it can't find any phone (out of three other phones sitting next to it) on Bluetooth, so I gave up on that tactic. Google on the Pro did at least identify apps it could install from the last phone, and the contacts are transferred, so that will have to be good enough. Now to wait for an answer about the inclusion of a charging cable of the wrong type of connector, that's shorter than...well, probably shouldn't finish that sentence.
  2. Can't find a way on the Pro1 to get google to retrieve backup from prior device... any pointers? The backup screen just has Back Up, does not have any Restore...
  3. Not sure what happened - first time I put the nano SIM in, it wasn't registering that it even had a SIM card. There's only one way the SIM card can go in so I'm pretty sure I didn't have it flipped. Pulled it out and put it back in, noticed that it was very easy to jar the card loose from the tray, so maybe it had been shifted a little the first time? Now working fine - test call, test text message got through to my other phone... just gotta figure out how to transfer all the data, contacts, etc from her other phone now.
  4. using the online instructions, wife didn't hand me printed ones -- online instructions (https://www.fxtec.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/QuickGuide.pdf) show :
  5. New observation - that 'chime' sound is INSANELY loud - even though I have sound settings completely muted... Trying Do Not Disturb mode to see if that helps... my entire household is audio-sensory-sensitive, will definitely need to find a way to quiet that chime
  6. Yes, I linked to this thread in my original post - i'm going through the steps now. I have an old Verizon-branded Droid 2 Turbo that I was able to reactivate, and now I'm going through the software update phases before i try to enable the SIM on the Pro1
  7. Submitted this also as a Support Ticket, but I am a bit confused on some things with this phone, as-is when unboxed: 1) Shipped with a multi-country AC Adapter, cool! 2) Only an 18 inch USB cable? Do people really put their phone on the floor when charging it? 3) Wait... this USB cable is Type A (typical ubiquitous rectangle, the end that plugs into the AC Adapter) but the other end is Type B Micro -- and the phone is USB C! There's no other cable in the box, so as-is from the box, I can't even charge the phone. (Fortunately I have spare USB C cables) 4) OK, let's go through the quickstart instructions. They show that there's a USB-Micro port next to the SIM/SDCard slot - ok, that might explain the USB-Micro cable 5) ... but there's no such USB Micro port next to the SIM/SDCard slot on the phone itself, and even later pictures in the same Quickstart don't show it. 6) Meh, whatever, let's go register it with Verizon.... Oh look, Verizon doesn't support it, even though it's CDMA... I'm now powering up an old Droid 2 Turbo (which Verizon's website assures me I can reactivate, and it has the correct type of SIM Card, which VZW's website also assures me is valid) to perform the Mule trick outlined in https://community.fxtec.com/topic/2133-fxtec-on-verizon/page/5/ and we'll see how that goes, but for first thoughts: Documentation discusses a feature that doesn't exist Phone shipped with a stupidly short charging cable, and of the wrong type to even charge the phone Phone not recognized by Verizon for activation, even though the device was delayed an additional 6 months, reportedly to make sure all of the registrations were done as well as to correct issues in production. Did they not register it with Verizon, one of the largest carriers in the US?
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