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  1. Hello Noir, I've received the invite, and desperately wish I could make it so soon! Best wishes.
  2. North Carolina, please — preferably Charlotte, Raleigh or .... Greensboro! :)
  3. Thank you. I've called them. The woman I spoke with on the phone hasn't heard of F(x)tec Pro1 yet (understandable), but she explained in a few words that it will likely be very easy to set it up with Verizon. My family uses a contract plan. After watching several product review videos, and judging by the product specs, it looks doable.
  4. Hi, I'd like to pre-order the Pro1, and my carrier is Verizon. I am located in the US. Will it be easy setting up F(x)tec Pro1 on the Verizon network? Will Verizon offer the F(x)tec Pro1? Are there any other concerns you would suggest for consideration? I've never set up a non-Verizon phone with Verizon (even my BlackBerry Priv was bought at Verizon) and would appreciate any advice before pre-ordering. Thanks.
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