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  1. I responded to the request of trying another sim yesterday morning after trying multiple. So I am sure I will hear back something soon-ish.
  2. I emailed the company and told them I will wait for the update of the spontaneous reboots first before worrying too much. Well, that morning the update arrived and I installed. Took the phone for a ride around town to see more than one cell tower and nothing. Dead silence the whole time. Get back home and connect to wifi, no reboots, no wavering in signal from wifi, just a mini tablet that it's been. Fxtec says try another sim. While out I got an AT&T sim, to see if it would work since I know verizon and this phone don't seem to take well to each other too well, and nothing. I tried my
  3. I was also a late batcher and got mine around the end of July beginning of Aug and am also on verizon. Once more I also was able to get service working with the old *#*# and toggles, however I never got WIFI calling to work and just today lost all connection to verizon. I am also one of the "random reboot" crew when switching from wifi to cell and somewhere all over with that headache too. Starting to wonder if I lost more than just verizon. Guess I will move the sim card back over when the update for the reboots comes out and see if it works again. Otherwise I might just have waited a year fo
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