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  1. third person has backed out. goodyes is next. please message me if you have any interest
  2. Hi, this is still available after two purchasers failed to complete the transaction.
  3. Ordered in September last year; shipped Jun 5th from HK, then was stuck at Zollamt for two weeks before being delivered by FedEx finally.
  4. Sorry -- forgot to mention. It is a QWERTY model.
  5. SOLD Hi, Unfortunately due to the ongoing pandemic, my business has changed drastically and I am simply no longer able to justify the device. Helpfully, I've done nothing but unbox it and give it one full charge (then let it drain to half and turned it off again). I've never typed on it, it's never associated to a WIFI access point, nor has it seen any SIM card. I have all the original packaging (including the cellophane plastic!). No scuffs marks or...anything. 700EUR + shipping costs I am located in Germany and prefer to ship within the EU customs union only. Bank
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