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  1. Dear all, Thank you all for responding to my questions. But dear me, I literally do not know what you are writting 😉 I am not a technical person at all. I am a person that uses his phone in a very pratical and simple way. I power up my phone and use Whatsapp, Email, Road navigation and check the weather for showers when I go out. And I am afraid thats all. And yes, I love using keyboard phones. That is why I ( possibly ) like to order a PRO1 with Android 10 pre-installed on it. And if there are much welcomed future software updates ( android and others updates ), all I
  2. Dear Reader(s), I love to buy a new keyboard phone as my trusted Blackberry PRIV is slowly comming to its end. I am starting to look out for a PRO1 or a Blackberry again. I would not be surprissed if both PRO1 and Blackberry are presenting a ( new ) Android 10 model any time soon. To be honnest, I would be terribly disappointed if I buy the current PRO1 ( Android 9 ) and within 6 months or so the PRO1 is shipped with Android 10 ( as I hope my Blackberry able me to wait ). Therefore I like to ask the following: - When will the PRO1 be shipped with Android 10 ?! - Will there b
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