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  1. The Flashing works, but the devices still doesn't make a real reboot - it just stays in EDL-Mode (or something like that; it just gets detected again in the flash tool). Is there any way to reset the state of the device?

  2. yes, progress bar advancing slowly and below the bar it showed various partition writing messages (but nothing with xbl... something link abl.elf).


    edit: it never reboots really.. the tool says it is save to remove the phone. i do nothing, wait... but nothing is shown on the screen. if i replug it, the device gets detected again.

  3. i formated /dev/sdb (the whole one, not sdb1) within the sailfish os settings application in storage because i though it was the sd card (that wasn't mounted). nothing more or less. 😞

  4. i never see anything on the screen; i even could not turn it off 😞 i tryed with volume down (holding) and pressing power... nothing happens, never. but the flash tool still see the "reboots".

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  5. i have the same problem on macOS. on Windows the tool tells me "Cannot open device" 😞 at the moment i cant even boot my pro1 into bootloader or fastboot. but the tool it self says "device detected".

    i have the production device.

    Any ideas?

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  6. 58 minutes ago, david said:

    Does the Pro1 never connect to LTE anywhere or only in certain locations?  Running an app like LTE Discovery (available in the play store) may help in determining which frequencies are being used on each phone.


    It never connects to LTE anywhere. i installed the app and will log... at the moment it doesn't find LTE at all at home (i would have LTE here with the Nexus 6, normally)

    20 minutes ago, kontakt said:

    Maybe installing https://f-droid.org/de/packages/de.mangelow.network/ and selecting LTE will work?

    It's like selecting LTE-only in the Settings App; doesn't connect 😞

  7. i have some problems with LTE on german Telekom (D1) network; my old Nexus 6 has no problems with LTE on certain places. The pro1 never connects to 4G networks; it stays on 3G. The SIM is from Congstar and about 3 months old.

  8. Hello,


    i just got my pro1 and wanted to root it. but i can't flash the patched boot.img (https://community.fxtec.com/topic/2537-magisk-install-step-by-step-root/) because the device is locked?!

    FAILED (remote: Flashing is not allowed in Lock State)

    it doesn't matter if i check the oem unlock slider in dev settings or not. i can't unlock my device 😞 "fastboot oem unlock" or "fastboot flashing unlock" throws;

    > fastboot oem unlock
    FAILED (remote: unknown command)
    finished. total time: 0.000s
    > fastboot flashing unlock
    FAILED (remote: Flashing Unlock is not allowed)
    finished. total time: 0.000s

    Can someone help?

    EDIT: i could help me myself; you need to enable the dev settings, check the oem unlock (and usb debugging), reboot to bootloader and use "fastboot flashing unlock". but beware; the phone makes a factory reset. after this flashing works.

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