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  1. I'm very grateful for your answer. I will contact with their support department, thanks for your info. Merry christmas.
  2. Problem is not hearing. Everyone can hear already. We want to decrease level. If you are in a meeting, you can not talk silence with a person. Everyone can hear other person's voice you talked at phone. Shortly, speakers give too much sound and you can't decrease in-call voice level.
  3. If someone knows that bug, we can wait for it. I just want to inform developers about that.
  4. Is there any option to choose speaker?
  5. So, isn't there any solution or helping?
  6. Hello, I've bought QX1000 mobile phone last week. When i talk with someone, everyone can hear other side 5 meters away than me. 🙂 So, conversations are not private although i decrease volume level. I tried volume settings, it seems very low , but still everyone can hear other side at the phone. It is also same for applications like Whatsapp and Skype. How can we decrease in-call volumes more? I can't do private conversation at office and i can't use my telephone. Thank you.
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