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    • I believe this is correct. I don't think this is the case, I think it just takes the other one instead unless it has type set to OVERLAY. With one big caveat, you can't have duplicate entries in the file, so you'd have to watch out for those. (say you have 'key A {' in the file one place, you aren't allowed to put a second one hoping it'll override the previous one). This may be useful: https://source.android.com/devices/input/validate-keymaps
    • So, just so I understood this right, when you don't choose a key map, that's when the Vendor_181d_Product_5018_Version_0001.kcm is used?    And when you do choose a key map, first the Vendor_181d_Product_5018_Version_0001.kcm is read, and after this the new key map only redefines the keys that needs to be changed?   Could I in that case only append the custom key map in the bottom of Vendor_181d_Product_5018_Version_0001.kcm?   The goal is to get a kind of combination of silon's map and finqwerty swedish, toghether with some of my own shortcuts. 
    • Thanks to all for the replies. For me, SwiftKey always showed in Floating Mode while in Landscape Mode and most of the controls were off screen. By enabling "Show virtual Keyboard" I was able to pull the controls up so i could see and use them. I finally found the option to put it into "Full"-Mode as shown by EskeRahn. I think it's still kind of sad, that SwiftKey seems to be the only one offering this feature, so i guess i am going to submit feature requests for this at the open source keyboard projects, so that weg get a privacy-friendly alternative.
    • I received one I ordered to be printed yesterday, but I think it came out a tiny bit too small...the front bumper doesn't quite fit and the rear cover isn't close to fitting.
    • That is great news! It's been a long time without an adequate case option.
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