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    • Hi All, So I have finally made some time to expand the /home storage on my Pro1X. Piggz gave me the instructions on discord some weeks ago (and echoed here a few posts above), but they were suitably vague. I will share what I did, though it may or may not be wise to do the same. I bumbled my way through, not carefully considered my way through. EDIT: I should have noted that this will delete all your /home, so back up anything of importance. On the SFOS install i ran as devel-su "resize2fs /dev/sda13" as per @GoaSkin instructions here. I had to replace the stock recovery with the ubtouch recovery in order to get adb working. Not sure if this is a problem with my device or a wider problem. Note that Piggz suggested to "flash the userdebug recovery from the 2.7.3 build". I couldn't work out what that meant. So instead flashed the ubtouch recovery.img. That allowed me to use adb as per Piggz instruction. Note well, that I tried to flash back the stock recovery, but I have not been able to. There is an error of some description. So it seems it is probably unwise to do as I have done here. I downloaded the Ubtouch recovery.img from here. And flashed using parts of the instruction here. Then entering recovery mode on the Pro1X I could enter ADB shell. I then mounted userdata as suggested with "mount -o rw /dev/block/sda13 /data" I could then delete conifg.ini I could edit devices.ini with "busybox vi devices.ini". Piggz has the default size set at 80000. I altered this to 202000, but think you could safely select up to 204800. I then managed to delete home.img Finally a reboot. This has left me with user data storage of 191GB and still a very large amount of space for system data. Happy to provide further info if anyone else needs its? Apparently resizing the home.img in this way is ok. Though not necessarily the way I have done it or the size.  
    • I'm all for this. Though there will be unintended consequences, I think there really did need to be a firm hand protecting consumers from fly-by-night operations dumping hardware and software without looking back. 5 years is maybe a bit much though. I think 3 is ok. Especially for software, it's a crucial thing to keep up to date with regards to apps and security. Hardware is more of a concern, but it's also understandable and a bummer when you're waiting a long time to fix a broken phone, or need to replace it very early in its life due to lack of available parts.
    • Just to add that I'd cracked a small corner of my screen maybe a year or so ago and ordered the cheap screen from China for like 45$ CAD or so shipped. It wasn't a ton of damage though so I waited for a major reason to switch it, which was as of 3ish days ago getting a ton of random ghost touches making it type messages and send pics to people LOL no joke. So I just replaced it and wow it was so hard to remove the screen without a heat gun. Tons of glass shards still stuck and took a while to remove carefully with an xacto knife. Also the 3M adhesive was confusing but I used logic and figure its not super important to get it perfect as long as it's not covering the top speaker/camera. I have to say the colours do seem to pop more as does the brightness. Can't compare side by side but I believe subjectively it's an improvement especially while sliding the brightness up and down there's not as much ugly flickering and green tint. Still not amazing though but less bad. The other thing I'm not sure about is if I'm getting the full screen coverage as before, pixel for pixel. The OS/software seems to react differently to this display and even Instagram seems to want to set more defined boundaries for story images rather than letting them take up the full screen. However I can't complain as the images appear to be more crisp and properly displayed as far as scaling and being true to size without distortion or some elements being cropped out. Much to think about and read into. Important to note I'm running at 514 pixels wide minimum, with text at 100% and all other elements at Smallest. TLDR: successful screen switch without the new frame, due to ghost touches, resulting in more vivid display with possible other differences. Happy camper.   Edit: also to say that initially upon replacing, it wasn't registering touches, but that I restarted it using buttons and also finished off screwing all the back screws and most importantly snapping the plastic bracket back onto the metal frame, after all of which it was then registering just fine.  Running AICP and didn't do any reset or reflash or anything at all really. Just switched screen while off.     
    • Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do to obtain a replacement keyboard, I used some acetone to remove some oily smudges but that has caused the glue to dissolve and weaken substantially and has also damaged the keys presumably through dissolution of the plastic. The part beneath the keyboard buttons the surface the keyboard is bonded to or was bonded to where the actual buttons are is totally fine its simply a cosmetic and tactile issue being that some keys are damaged as well as no longer being bonded to the functional part of the keyboard. The structure I can determine is the physical buttons(the bit you use) are seperate from the membrane(that part connected to the main board) so both as presumably separate when being manufactured. I did contact f(x)tec directly they said "we are able to help you" once shipping resumed as all spare parts and repairs were held up due to contractual issues,  they then got back to me after I prompted them and told me they were unable to help with the matter after setting explicitly strong and clear expectations of them being able to fix the problem which was quite the let down. They wouldn't even take a complaint as a result of their dreadful handling of the query and appear to be very inexperienced in delivering customer service with the manner in which it was delivered. Some wisdom, insight and potential solutions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
    • Having a Pro1X since August on Salt Network in Switzerland and observed a clear weaker cellular connectivity comparing to other phones in my company with the same provider. The mentioned waiting time before call-start or even non-availibility for incoming calls is a regular fact.  After now a week of business-traveling with roaming in Italy, I plan to change my phone. Comparing to my business-partner with a Z-Flip I was often lost with connectivity, or with a rate below 1Mbit with a Samsung on full speed beside me.  My physical-keyboard-phone is worthless, when I live on the moon with it.  To be honest, an "update in the near future" will not solve all issues listed on this board and can even arrive in Q4-2023 to be soon for FXTec.
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