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  1. I would very much like to buy a Pro1, but am turned off by the keyboard layout. Typing / and ? appears to only be possible with the "Alternate Shift" key (yellow arrow facing up/right). Is it possible to remap the right hand "Alternate Shift" key to behave as a conventional /? key? The shifted-symbols on the number keys and symbol keys are marked in yellow....are these accessible via the standard shift key or do I have to use that "Alternate Shift" key? I would very much prefer to not have to use an alternate shift key at all, there's really no reason for it. Will remapping keys be straightforward to do in LineageOS? I don't mind editing a text configuration file as root like I did on my Droid4. Is there any chance there will be a conventional keyboard layout offered? I'd love to see a version of this phone with a conventional keyboard layout, as shown in the attached pic, the "preferred layout" version. There's plenty of space to do it with same key sizes, and actually would be possible to get rid of several keys (e.g. the "Alternate Shift"). You'd lose the more centered letter keys by doing this, but the QWERTZ layout does fine without it, and perhaps it'd even be possible to shift the entirety of the keyboard to the right.
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