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  1. I don't actually own a Pro 1-X yet (pre-ordered it December 2020)., so I could be entirely wrong on the up-right key. Probably not something I'd use personally. If any key has to get moved to an unusual space (or require use of up-right_, it should definitely be `~. Some keyboards also do place \| in the lower left between LEFT SHIFT and Z, so there's precedent there.
  2. Revised layout suggestion attached. All characters in yellow should be accessed via SHIFT key, not requiring use of YELLOW UP-RIGHT ARROW.
  3. Per the layout spec here (QWERTY version): https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/pro1-x-smartphone-functionality-choice-control#/ This keyboard is 90% of a traditional keyboard with some absolutely random (and in my opinion, absurd) changes. For one, there is absolutely no reason to ever require the user to press the yellow "Up/Right" arrow to display a symbol. The "/" and "?" keys presently require using this key on the "P" and "L" keys. I would strongly recommend the following: Place the /? key in the traditional location (replacing current \| key. (this puts in the tradi
  4. I would very much like to buy a Pro1, but am turned off by the keyboard layout. Typing / and ? appears to only be possible with the "Alternate Shift" key (yellow arrow facing up/right). Is it possible to remap the right hand "Alternate Shift" key to behave as a conventional /? key? The shifted-symbols on the number keys and symbol keys are marked in yellow....are these accessible via the standard shift key or do I have to use that "Alternate Shift" key? I would very much prefer to not have to use an alternate shift key at all, there's really no reason for it. Will remap
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