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  1. Are you even reading what I'm saying?
  2. Keyboard helper fixes nothing. I already stated that.
  3. Flash a different OS to get the phone's sole selling point to work as expected? Got it.
  4. I have paid money for a product, not to be a beta tester. I have searched the forum and tried the solutions, including this external keyboard helper, and none did anything to fix. I appreciate you trying to help but please drop that apologist attitude. What are you even proving by telling me you typed that on a pro1?
  5. I've spent a while with the phone and while i really love the overall keyboard layout and the slider mechanism (a little too tough though), it has some serious issues and will probably use my pevious phone until maybe the pro2 fixes those problems Accidental touches on the screen edges. This isnt 2007. I thought we solved this problem ages ago. Curved screen Just.... why? there are no positives to using a curved screen to the user. message boxes in landscape mode will sit weirdly in the curved part of the screen and attracts annoying reflections. Keyboard issues W
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