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  1. Update: After I threatened to contact the editors of the outlets Fxtec advertises with on their website, they transferred the money within one day. This could be a coincidence of course. It's been almost four months since my cancellation, but I'm glad to have gotten the money back at all.
  2. At this time I can only warn everyone to do business with this company. After three months I still don't have my money back and only get stalling messages, if at all. For me it is clear that they do not want or can not refund.
  3. In fact, this is another aspect that bothers me. After I cancelled my order, I received several mails saying that they can ship my device next week. It made me feel kind of stupid because I was such a patient customer all the time. Would I have received my phone months ago if I had requested the cancellation earlier? I still see the possibility that they deliberately did not stop the delivery, in the assumption that I will change my mind once I receive it. This would not only result in the loss of money, but also in another customer having to wait even longer for the phone...
  4. Yeah, that could be a reason. And I'm really not in a position to make hypothetical assumptions about their banking conditions. So I apologize for that. It is indeed quite funny how often we speculate in this forum about what might be the reason for what, poking around in the dark (especially with regard to delivery delays and communication policy). 😅
  5. Thank you for your encouraging answer. I am pretty sure that this is not a standard requirement of banks in the UK. To me it looks more like an f(x)tec internal policy or a bank with trust issues with a customer. Regardless, to me it would be a very crazy combination if you have to make transactions in person but do not visit the bank for two month - no matter how busy you are waiting for your phones to be shipped. They would be very lucky if they had to pay not a single other bill in this period. I am sorry for the tone of this postings, which is usually not my style. I gue
  6. Unfortunately I have the same problem. I ordered the phone on November 30 and never got it. I was a patient customer, monitored this forum and was thrilled to finally get my hands on a phone with a physical keyboard. After I had to buy an alternative device, I cancelled my order on June 17. Today, more than seven weeks and some emails later, I still haven't received my refund. We have heard many excuses in the last months, and of course it was never f(x)tec's fault. While I could understand many of them, a company that is not able to perform essential business operations (transf
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