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  1. I used the chat on the Verizon website and said "Hey, I have a new phone I'm trying to use and having difficulty sending/receiving SMS/MMS. I spoke with a Sr. Verizon Tech online and they told me to ask you to enable "CDMA-LESS" on my account." They quickly agreed and within 30 seconds I had SMS rolling in that wasn't received before. Hopefully that clears it up a bit. I know it sounds rather nebulous but that's the approach I took. Happy to answer any more questions if you have them.
  2. Just a heads up to everyone on here. I haven't been using my Pro1 but I'm on Verizon and faced many of the same issues you've all brought up in this thread. Recently I picked up a Surface Duo and was having the same issues (outbound text works, inbound doesn't, etc), and a Verizon tech had us chat in and request "CDMA-LESS" activated on our accounts. This took me 5 minutes and suddenly everything started working perfectly. I moved my SIM to my Pro1 today to see if it improved things and it appears I'm sending/receiving SMS/MMS and all that without any special modifications. Just an
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