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  1. This has spark amazing conversation I wasn't expect it. I do wonder though, has anyone pre-ordered or paid within the march to now time frame and when did they received the phone if they did? I'd love to know if anyone has, they might give a better idea on time frames.
  2. Thanks I'll keep that in mind. I understand why it is the case, reasonably small company having to deal with the Rona. I want a phone that'll last me last me 5 year+ Not to insult the product because it is amazingly unique for our time, I've heard a lot of people saying its old tech at launch let alone a year after or in years time when I may get it. I'm sure it would be worth the wait but my phone is on its last legs and i just cant wait. If they can notify customers or potential customers when they are in stock that may help but if I am sure I'm not getting it any
  3. Thank you for the quick response. I expected as such, it definitely haven't ruled out the Pro1 for me because of the sliding qwerty physical keyboard is practically unique now a days. I'd love to have the ability to be notify if they have a build up of stock. I'd even drive to London to pick one up from them if I could.
  4. Hello I'm looking to purchase the Pro1. I have an IPhone 6s from 2015 so the specs are not a concern to me because anything is an upgrade at this point and I love the keyboard but I'm curious about delivery times. As the impatient 90's Kid I am, if I have to wait 2-3 months I may not choose this phone as an option. So if I order today (I live in the UK in the south) when will I receive the phone. If anyone has had long delivery times, let me now. I'm guessing, because its technically a pre-order, they are produced by batches and just I'll when the next batch is releas
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