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  1. I know it was sent back, I am not sure if they received it. I'd prefer a refund at the end of the day 😕
  2. Sigh....12 days since the last response from support. I let them know the phone was returned back and wanted to know the status of it, but still no response back. Was hoping at the least they could confirm the return and put it towards the purchase of the X model...
  3. So turns out the phone was sent back (went to the apartment building and talked to them directly on Monday), but the phone was sent back almost immediately after it was received, so it's been over 3 weeks since it was returned to sender. I put a ticket request in to fxtec on october 27th to let me know what the status was on the phone that was sent out, to this day have not been responded to on that ticket. I'm hoping the phone was properly returned in the end...
  4. So the buiding in question is a high rise apartment building with a mail room that the packages just get dropped into and are picked up by the tenants via a card swipe to get into said mail room. I believe that the approach of fibbing or hiding the negligence of not updating my shipping address would not do much for me.
  5. So the email account I use to log in and manage my account is still the same. I check spam filter quite often on that email because miscellaneous stuff gets caught in it for my business. Also hotmail is AWFUL at spam filtering. The parcel did not require a signature and was just dropped off at the location. My issue here is simply that I was not given a notification of the phone being shipped out, everything else I can say is my fault for not updating my shipping address, even if the device was received a year later, it's still my responsibility. I normally have things like this
  6. So here's the story: I ordered the phone on 7/31/2019 via the website because i love qwerty phones (Currently have a Blackberry Key Two) and wanted to get a new phone with the good old nostalgic experience of a slider. I received this email shortly after on the same day: I never ended up receiving a new email until 11/18/2019 where I received a processed order payment, as well as a followup email about my account being created. Fast forward to now, I saw an email about the new Pro X and was thinking about coming on and trying to see if i could swa
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