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  1. "Your refund request is with our collagues authorised to issue refunds, typically a director. They process refunds within a week" - (Mail from septemer, 24th) This was the last mail I got from FXTec. Since then I wrote several times. Nothing happend. And still no money. Kind of frustrating.
  2. Hi guys, I need help. After waiting over a year I really needed a new phone. FXTec told my, I would get mine in december. I couldn´t wait this long. (ordered september 6th, 2019 #35125) So I canceled my order over a month ago. (september 24th). FXTec told me I would get a refund. I still have no refund and they don´t answer my mails! What should I do? Anyone has an idea? Best regards. This is a great community!
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