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  1. Yeah, the false sense of security in combination with the fact that the Pre-Early Birds always seem to hang around "5 left" every day, sometimes they run out and then come back soon after (and the number of backers doesn't drop). It really does seem like a tactic create a sense of urgency in securing a purchase, that seems to be more Indiegogo's fault for encouraging bad practices, and having a crappy policy. I've seen a few others comment about the same issue and then have their comment removed shortly after, it's not like not the campaign owner isn't present either, they just gloss over
  2. I also should clarify, I just want a refund because it's not the device for me. I understand the risks of crowd-funding (though they still use the word selling) but people are being misled into thinking they've got a reasonable window for a one-click refund when in reality once you've agreed to the terms and conditions there are no guarantees. I mean out of all people willing to go all the way, it's only a small amount that actually have decided it isn't for them and want a refund only to find it's a long, tedious process with no guarantees whatsoever. What's wrong with questionin
  3. Hey guys, I ordered a Pro1-X from their Indiegogo campaign under the impression that if I should change my mind I could get a refund before the end of the campaign on the 12th of December. Now after discovering that they are selling the Pro1-X before having fulfilled many orders of their Pro1, I decided to get my refund 2 days later. I quickly discovered that Indiegogo had locked the button for a refund, alongside the statement "The contribution can't be refunded through Indiegogo. Please contact the campaign owner to request a refund." i find it a little shady they chose Indiegogo in the
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