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  1. On 2/4/2021 at 10:04 AM, Hook said:

    So you would rather get a blue phone than a black phone? Or you would like to pay more to upgrade memory?  Because the Pro1x is not a "newer phone."  They both have the same parts and specs and are manufactured as needed, not stockpiled in some warehouse, so the Pro1 isn't "outdated" compared to the Pro1X.  Just saying. 😉

    Thanks!  I was under the mistaken assumption that the Pro1X was the next generation; I appreciate the additional information.

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  2. 1 hour ago, Kate said:

    Are you saying you ordered the Pro1 8 months ago and you have not received it yet?

    That is correct.  I placed my order on 6 May 2020 and was told that it would take between 4 to 6 weeks from the date of purchase for the device to ship.

  3. Jealous of everyone posting here.  I ordered mine in May 2020 and still haven't received it; the order status is still "Processing."  I was told in December 2020, "The most realistic estimate we have at the moment for another batch, which will include your order is between January 2021 and March 2021."  But now the Pro1 X is available to order.

    Asking for advice: should I ask for a refund on my order and place an order for a Pro1 X?  I hate the idea of getting a phone that's obsolete upon arrival.

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