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  1. Okay so MacOS Plays well for me with ADB, some dumb reason well two the Dell I had ordered had a messed up power button on it making it impossible to turn on without fighting with the power button and another reason sudo or apt didn't want to work properly even when I downloaded and extracted the zip files, found a decent MacBook Pro at a low price in a local pawn shop and it's picking adb and list devices picks my fxtec up, so come after this weekend or sometime this week I'm gunna give it a go, after I get everything downloaded to it and organized.
  2. BlendOS Caught my attention with native android apk support and GnomeOS implementation, but it uses Arch Linux.
  3. Okay anyone have a tute on how to flash in Linux? I'm using BlendOS
  4. Yup I did all that and nothing, when powered up I'd make the Windjammer confection chime and balloon notify on screen QX1050 is connected., last night playing around with some other drivers I managed to get fastboot to give me some other message than the red one. This is a brand new fresh install of Windows 11 on my Surface Pro 5 and none of my other phones have been installed on it even yet. When this Dell Latitude 3160 comes I'm going to dismay it to 7 and dual boot it with a friendly version of Linux, and use it just specifically for phone flashing. Other devices/phon
  5. I might do that as well, or windows 7. What all rom's /os'es are we able to dual-boot? Droidian/SailfishOS, SailfishOS/Android, SailfishOS/Ubuntu Touch? I see no point in dual booting two mobile linux os'es - Droidian/Ubuntu Touch. Got a Dell 3160 for $50 bucks. Yup it's kinda stupid how Windows 10 and ADB don't play along together very well. Always remember having more luck with ADB and Windows 7. SMH I got this device as an early adapter digital toy and communication device. AT Least I only paid $400 for it on eBay.
  6. Okay first off, me and adb never have gotten along very well. Samsung Odin and LG Flash Tools have me spoiled, and I've been rooting and flashing, but for some reason, maybe the many devices and drivers I've always had, adb never and I played well together. But I'm getting to unrecognized error, I don't think Pro1-x is showing up correctly Windows shows in the popup plug and play QX1050 when switching between usb functions. Other then that I can't get adb or fastboot to detect any devices. I want to install LineageOS or SailfishOS and Droidan.
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